industriële design chairs / Kembo / Gispen / 1950s

Beautiful stylish set of armchairs with an industrial appearance. Heavy steel frame, wooden armrests and white skai leather upholstery. The comfortable armchairs were designed by Gispen and produced by Kembo in the 1950s. Condition: very good. The renewed white skai leather upholstery is good. Armrests neatly in the paint, with slight wear. The frame has slight damage, but this does not detract from the appearance of this beautiful set. (see also the photos) PRICE A PIECE!

Model 1450 Lounge Armchair / Coen de Vries / Gispen / 1960s

Rare lounge chair, chrome frame, adjustable seating (7 positions), brown upholstery and black stained armrest. The modern chair is designed by Coen de Vries for Gispen, 1960’s. Nice example of mid-century modern Dutch design. Good condition. Signs of use at the armrests (see photo). Few light oxidation marks at the chrome frame. The upholstery, probably the original Ploegstof, is good.

Gispen bank 441 B2,5

De Gispen 441 bank is een ontwerp van W.H. Gispen. Het frame van deze bank is hoogglans chroom en het interieur van deze bank bestaat uit Nosagveren. Wanneer de bank gestoffeerd word in een stofsoort zal de bies standaard van zwart kunstleer zijn. Wanneer de bank in leer gestoffeerd is, zal er geen bies zijn maar een doorgestikte naad.