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Top Ten Interior Design Trends 2017




Pantone Greenery, a zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of Spring (cf. Pantone 2017).Pantone announced this fresh and cheerful tone, as colour of the year for 2017, in December 2016. Noting it will be popular for the upcoming season. It has lived up to this claim. Even though green is not always the easiest colour to work with, particularly the Greenery shade, it brings a touch of freshness into your home. Based on the concept of ‘refreshing’ decoration, Greenery is interpreted as a generous mixture of plants, uncommon leaf shapes and healthy grass. This natural colour can be used in many variations, for example in combination with other green tones, greenery patterns and natural elements such as wood, terracotta or marble.




‘Looking at nature with all its exotic flowers, plants, seeds and lots of amazing
Greenery, totally inspired my work!’
Paula Benvegnú,
Texas and the Artichoke



A natural home decor is made up of interior design items inspired by forms found in nature and organic materials. Materials such as: wood, cork and clay can be beautifully integrated into a variety of aesthetics, contributing to a soothing natural vibe. This trend for 2017 is about raw textures rather than the super shiny finished look of the past. Natural home decor has been referenced by many bloggers since the start of the year. The Life Creative blog highlights the pure and unrefined textures used in this year’s interior designs. You can see this trend take shape in furniture, accessories and home decor (cf. Carroll 2017).



‘Today’s over-stimulation in so many different aspects makes people strive for something that brings them back to nature, creating a sense of balance to their lives.’

Zbigniew – Abadoc Design



‘Colour of the moment millennial pink dominates at Milan design week’, is the title of the article written by Dezeen about the Milan Design Week 2017 (cf. Frear- son 2017). The dominant colour was Millennial Pink. “Pink is a quiet, soft and friendly colour – it tends to work well with a lot of other colours and adds a certain glow,” explained Sanna Wåhlin, one of the designers at Swedish studio Note Design. One of the main reasons for the colour’s popularity is that, unlike more vibrant shades of pink, it is free from girly-girl associations, so appeals to men as well as women. The name Millennial Pink was coined to describe a muted shade of pink – somewhere between beige and blush. The key to styling Millennial Pink in the home is choosing contrasting colour tones and ma- terials such as pewter, concrete greys or green toned blue.






‘Millennial pink inspired me because it goes perfectly with food, it
looks tasty and juicy, like a watermelon. So, I combined this feminine colour with my pure, geometric forms. And I love the result!’
Mariana Laan,
Nüüd Ceramics



Refined, regal, dramatic but also incredibly modern and light, this most noble of stones is not only consi- dered as classical and elegant anymore. There are now many uses for this material. It can be found in jewellery and even clothing as a textile pattern. The key to keeping this trend fresh is by using it in small doses, accents and statement pieces, as recom- mended by The Telegraph (cf. Ryder 2017) in their trend report. Marble is at its best in the kitchen or bathroom. We recommend pairing it with anything metallic and shiny. A great combination is with marble and brass or gold.


  1. BlancoMarble Blanket by Vontrueba
  2. Bangle by SAYAR&GARIBEH
  3. SOLDATINO Nutcracker by Manufatto
  4. Klint, Mirror, Marble by SacanellDesign
  5. Classico Book End by Atipico
  6. Car-rara Aard Sidetable by Emile van Hoogdalem
  7. Pita Marble and Pestle by Incipit Lab
‘Marble f inally had its revival in 2017 and is now deemed as a classic mate- rial to create contempo- rary designs including this certain characteristic elegance.’






Terracotta – the material and colour of the earth is back on the trend palette for 2017. From darker tones to lighter and more delicate shades, Terracotta has been slowly making a coming back since 2014. In 2017 it has reached its pitch. Quoting The National Design Academy ‘In recent months, terracotta has had something of a ‘rebrand’, modernising the look and feel with a range of new techniques and styles. The material has had such a surge in popularity that it has been named one of the key trends for 2017’ (cf. National Design Academy 2017). This warm colour adds coziness and a rural look to your interior. You can combine terracotta with contrasting black and white items. This colour com- bination can give your interior an edgy look. Adding terracotta pots or lamps to your interior will add warmth to the space





  1. Duo Clay Table Lampby Hand & Eye Studio
  2. Green Dots by livingthings
  3. DUNA Metal Desk Furnishing by Offiseria
  4. Bicchieri clay cups by Reggiani Ceramica
  5. Sula Ceramic Vase by Incipit Lab
  6. Bouganville Necklace by Pyla
  7. Diamond 5 Orange Grey lamp by FilamentStyle




‘We chose the material terracotta because of its visual warmth and touch to increase the closeness to nature.’
Xavier Mora,
Studio BAG Disseny





Add a breath of colour and oddness to your home by decorating it with Bohemian design items. The 99Architecture editorial team characterizes this trend as perfect for those who like to mix colours, textures and patterns. They quote the Bohemian look is ‘very forgiving’ (cf. Anthony 2017). Bohemian is an ethnic trend with oriental influences that works well with modern and retro items. This style allows you to give new life to old furniture, to reinterpret accessories and reuse forgotten items. It represents freedom of thought, actions and ideas. Colour is the dominant motif of this fancy style that references vintage and eastern furniture. Fabrics, cushions and carpets are customized with oriental fantasies, embellished with gold details or bronze. The fabrics seem old and this confers a romantic and mysterious allure.

  1. Visible Heavens Print – 40 x 40 by Aster
  2. Bear Art Print by Lissa Thimm Studio
  3. Fringe Plaid Deep Pink N 5 by Roos Soetekouw
  4. Forbidden Fruit Pendant Lamp by Glimpt




This years’ yellow enthusiasm already began in Au- tum 2016. It now continues with more diverse shades and pastels, from bright yellow and mellow yellow to mustard yellow shades. Pantone defined the colour and set a trend which is influencing the entire design industry. Country & Townhouse magazine thinks, mustard yellow will be an interior statement in 2017 (cf. May 2016). This classy colour can energize a room and fill it with brightness. You can do this by using just a single home decor accessory, such as a brash yellow clock or vase. Combining this colour with gray revitalizes the powerful yellow tone and creates an exciting atmosphere. It goes very well with monochromatic colours . It goes best in living rooms or even bedrooms.

  1. 2d Industrial Plywood Table Lamp by 157+173 designers
  2. Freakish CLOCK Wall Clock by Sabrina Fossi Design
  3. ETNA Candle Wood Collection Yellow by WOODENDOT



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TOP 5 NEW PRODUCTS – May Selection


This month, CROWDYHOUSE selected a fantastic collection of design products. Discover our new products from some of Europe’s most exciting designers.

Our selection of the month includes:

1- Citymap Amsterdam by City Shapes

2- Planter by Atelier DS

3- Duke Gibson Cushion by Mineheart

4- Aye Aye! Candleholder 4 Funnels by EMKO, UAB

5- Wine bottle recycled glasses – RIRE by Q de bouteilles

Designer Spotlight: EMKO, UAB

EMKO is a Lithuanian-based furniture design and home-accessory company. Their roots are set in the ancient Baltic tradition of craftsmanship, at the intersection of three distinct cultural spaces: the Northern Scandinavian, the Western European and the Eastern Russian. Their present is open and inviting, welcoming talented designers from all over the globe. They focus on a small diversity of award-winning furniture pieces, creating a niche for the curious solutions to be embodied. Their simple beauty generates optimism and well-being inside the place we call home or workspace. Their smart design brings comfort to everyday tasks. The quality of the craft and of the materials insures a long-term relationship, a constant satisfaction that you’ll enjoy for years to come. It takes one glance to see their beauty. It takes one touch to get their functionality.

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Hot Products: LiliLite

Discover the LiliLite by Thijs Smeets


LiliLite; the all in one solution for reading in bed
The all in one solution for reading in bed

Award-winning designer comes up with the perfect combination between functional and cool. Say hi to LiliLite – the all in one solution for reading in bed.


Is it a bookshelf? Is it a reading light? Is it a bookmark? It is the solution for all the above: The LiliLite. Aside from looking adorable, its most unique feature is the responsive light switch: the sensor registers if an open book is placed on the peak. The light will switch on and off when you use LiliLite as a bookmark.

LiliLite; the all in one solution for reading in bed


Dutch Designer Thijs Smeets designed the LiliLite. After a very successful Kickstarter campaign it is now an off the shelf product. Smeets came up with this multifunctional design when he and his book-loving girlfriend got frustrated with the old-fashioned night-stand. Bed lamp, glass of water, pile of books… There was always the chance of creating a mess.

LiliLite provides a next level solution: the product can be hung above your bed. It also works perfectly with e-readers or tablets. The shelf itself is made out of single piece of steam pressed plywood finished with an American oak veneer. A top shelf product that fits any bedroom style.



LiliLite Double Bed

The perfect gift for your bookworm mother, a housewarming or as an encouragement for your kids to get them to read.

…or why not treat yourself?


LiliLite is sold via the webshop for 149€ for one, or 249€ for two.


About the Designer


Thijs Smeets

Thijs Smeets (1979) is an Amsterdam based product designer. His talents are recognized by consumer brands like Coca Cola, Nokia and Nike, as well as high-end furniture brands like Leolux and Gispen.

His designs are exhibited all over the world, currently in the Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art. Millions of his products have been sold.


Other links

English Press Release

Dutch Press Release

High Quality Pictures

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Hot Products: The Rising Balance candleholder

Laura Bin recently launched their latest product The Rising Balance candleholder exclusively on CROWDYHOUSE. Please find below the press release and launch statement by the designers.
The Rising Balance candleholder by Laura Bin on CROWDYHOUSE

The Rising Balance candleholder inspires the dynamic between two great elements: earth and fire. While your tea light burns and becomes lighter, the circular stone follows the movement downwards. While in transition, the two elements remain in constant equilibrium.

The Rising Balance candleholder by Laura Bin on CROWDYHOUSE


The Rising Balance candleholder by Laura Bin on CROWDYHOUSE

The Rising Balance candleholder by Laura Bin on CROWDYHOUSE

The Rising Balance candleholder consists of three brass components, which were cut into shape by water, before being carefully sanded, polished and folded by hand. The circular stone is made of basalt, a volcanic rock, and counterbalances any tea light with a maximum diameter of 39 mm.

About Laura Bin

Designers Laura Klinkenberg and Bin Xu are engaged with developing the label Laura Bin. The Rising Balance candleholder is Laura Bin’s first entry towards accessible products, considerable time and effort is spent on the design process. Besides form, function and interaction, Laura Bin seek to find content within their work. Currently Laura Bin is involved with the sale of the candleholder and is waiting for suitable circumstances to launch its next two designs.


The full press release and high resolution pictures can be found here

Go diccover their whole collection on CROWDYHOUSE!

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Hot Products: April and May for Loof

Meet Jantine and Vivian, together they are April and May, one of the most influential blogs in the design industry. Jantine and Vivian believe there is a story in everything. Together they create, inspire and curate.

April and May for Loof on CROWDYHOUSE

Recently April and May designed a new collection of mirrors for Loof.  Loof is a Dutch furniture brand that loves working with wood and honest materials with a natural finish and a serene geometry.

Vivian Hoebe, one of the founders of April and May: “A mirror is an item we use every day, this especially made us so enthusiastic to come up with a beautiful design. A product that we cherish every day and with a handy shelf as a great extra to combine function and aesthetics.” With this collaboration Loof underlines its ambition to collaborate with inspiring parties and to team up with those who hold the same beliefs.

Mirror Sight by April and May for Loof on CROWDYHOUSE

By adding this mirror to the collection, Loof enters other rooms besides the bedroom. Mirror Sight feels at home in the hall, the bathroom and the living room too.

Mirror Sight is beauty with a function. The design with the rounded corners gives the mirror a serene and elegant look, the thickness of the plywood ensures a bold edge. Mirror and oak veneer are combined in perfect balance. On the shelf of Model S and Model M is room for small products, such as perfume, a scented candle or jewellery. Due to the thickness of the plywood and the bevelled edge, the mirror stands out against its background: something beautiful should not be overlooked.

Side table Frame lacquered by April and May for Loof on CROWDYHOUSE

Bed Frame by April and May for Loof on CROWDYHOUSE
Recently April and May joined CROWDYHOUSE. Next to the Mirror Sight collection April and May has designed beds for Loof. CROWDYHOUSE is the place where they show their own collection in one place.

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11 Outdoor Must-haves for Summer 2016

must-haves for summer

Summer is coming! That means great weather for outdoor plans, weekend getaways and fun in the sun. CROWDYHOUSE loves summer, and we wanted this year to be a special one for you. Therefore, we have selected some of the best products available on our website that we think will make your summer 2016 an unforgettable one. Whether you are travelling, hosting a barbecue, or planning a beach day with your friends and family, we made sure to have at least one product for every occasion. Take a look at what we are talking about!

#11: Sac Marin by Marin et Marine

The Sac Marin is the perfect bag to explore a new city, to go to the beach, or simply to use every day during summer. This cotton duffle bag was designed after sisters Valérie and Caroline Hebel realized the need for a perfect bag to use while travelling; one that was light, big enough for your personal belongings, and easy to carry.

summer bagThey dye the cotton themselves and make sure to produce each bag with care and love. Marin et Marine offers a variety of colours and sizes for you to choose your perfect summer bag!

Check it out here

#10: Wheel Bench by Weltevree

With the wheel bench by Weltevre, you will never have to worry about finding the perfect spot to sit and enjoy the weather, as it is easily movable and it only takes one person to do it!

patio benchPerfect for your backyard, to enjoy the sunset, a nice meal, or simply taking a break outside. The wheel bench is made out of oak wood directly from The Netherlands, and it is an invitation to create your perfect spot, wherever that is.

Check it out here

#09: Field chair by Weltevree

After a long day, settle down and enjoy the sunset. You can take the field chair to the park, the beach, or your friend’s house. It is easy to transport and super comfortable to give you the rest you deserve.

outdoor chair

The field chair is made out of wood, inspired by a clever, well-known farmer’s construction and offers the perfect sitting for what summer is about: relaxing and enjoy.

Check it out here

#08: Wine Cooler “Hat” by Puik Art

Summertime calls for celebration, and what better way to celebrate than with a bottle of nice, cooled wine? That is why the “Hat” wine cooler is so cool! It not only keeps your wine cool, but it is also an incredible design that will give style to the occasion.

wine cooler

And the best thing: you can use it all year long!

#07: Wooden Bike Crate by Two-o

Another all-year-round-but-perfect-for-the-summer-design! A lightweight item with a classic and functional touch. This bike crate combines design with dexterity.

Bike crate

It is made entirely of wood and has a cup holder for your morning coffees, or your summer pops! Like Two-o says, “No bag on the back, but design in the crate.”

Check it out here

#06: Beach Rocker by Weltevree

What better way to relax than by rocking back and forth while listening to the waves come and go? That’s why we think the beach rocker by Weltevree is a design you want to have this summer. The beach rocker is simple, yet beautifully made and designed to never go out of style.

beach chairAvailable in two variations, red and blue or yellow and green, the beach rocker will make your summer even more relaxing.

Check it out here

#05: Manuela Balcony Table by Nimio-Lab

Summer season equals patio, terraces, and balcony season. Manuela Balcony Table allows you to enjoy a drink, a coffee, a smoke, or anything you want in the comfort of your own balcony. It is designed for those small European balconies that are not big enough for a complete table and chair set.

Balcony table

The name comes from Manuela Malasaña, the Spanish neighbourhood in which the creators of the table had the amazing idea of designing a small table without legs or installation requirements for summer balcony season!

#04: Beach Chair by Weltevree

The beach chair by Weltevree allows you to enjoy your summer days in the beach, while being authentic by choosing a classic but beautiful design.

beach chair

The beach chair is available in two variations, red and blue or yellow and green, which refer in a subtle way to the horizon, which always looks different depending on the environment and time of day. With the beach chair, your summer days in the beach will be special.

Check it out here

#03: StammTisch Wood Tree Table by Design Studio Niruk

StammTisch© Wood Tree Table is a sociable and cozy design. It allows you to enjoy drinks and snacks anywhere you go. Parks, beaches, forests – no matter where you are, you will be able to enjoy the summer how you are supposed to!

Outdoors table

The idea comes from a German bourgeois tradition for regular meetings with friends and always at the same place.StammTisch by Niruk is everybody’s individual mobile meeting point – in the countryside, in town or even at home.

Check it out here

#02: Guidelight by Weltevree

The Guidelight by Weltevree is a must have this summer. It is beautiful, practical, and serves for every occasion. Whether you are going on a camping trip, or just want some decoration to light your patio table, the Guidelight is useful for any situation.

outdoor light

Available in green and red, the Guidelight will turn any unexpected spot you land in into your home.

Check it out here

#01: Daddy’s Fire plate by Daddy’s Brand

Our number one summer product for 2016 is the Daddy’s Fire plate by Daddy’s Brand! Summer season calls for barbecues and outdoor cooking, the Daddy’s Fire plate is the perfect design to have for it.

barbecue tools

Pour a drink, throw some wood on your fire and place the plate on your fire pit. Daddy’s Fire plate is always stand-bye for all your grilling, roasting and baking experiments. Place the iron plate on your fire pit or self-built fireplace, it’s as easy as that!

Check it out here

We have showed you the designs we think will make your summer great. If you want to see more products for the summer season, make sure to check out our 2016 outdoor collection. Now it’s your time to decide what kind of summer you want to have!

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Hot Products: Terrazzo Collection by Fish & Pink

Fish & Pink recently launched their latest Terrazzo Collection exclusively on CROWDYHOUSE. Please find below the press release and launch statement by the designers.

Terrazzo collection by Fish & Pink on CROWDYHOUSE


Fish & Pink is the couple and design duo Martin Eckerberg and Fanny Ollas. Martin has a background as a furniture designer and Fanny as a fashion designer. Together they have founded the platform Fish and Pink to realise their common ideas and projects. Their design can be described as colorful, eclectic and unexpected in terms of material choises and colours. The furnitures are produced from natural and sustainable materials and made in a limited edition.

“We discovered the material terrazzo two years ago when we stood at the platform of a train station in Stockholm. It suddenly hit us that this was the absolute finest flooring we had seen and we knew immediately that this material was too nice to just be floors in public spaces. It was the start of a period of countless experiments and research to learn more about the terrazzo technique and at the same time an idea was born to create a collection of tables together. We wanted to work with materials that was environmentally friendly and sustainable but that also had a distinct character and where colours could play a main part; terrazzo and valchromat seemed made for each other! ”

Terrazzo is manufactured in Italy where natural stone, usually crushed marble, cement and water is mixed together, cast and then ground to the characteristic pattern. All tables are made upon request and can be customized.

The full press release and high resolution pictures can be found here

Come check it out on CROWDYHOUSE.



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Hot Products: Bubblegraphy by Studio Oddness

Studio Oddness launched a series of vases called Bubblegraphy, which are self-produced with a unique technique and a special layer. Adrianus Kundert and Thomas van der Sman presented their work for the first time at Dutch Design Week in 2015.


Bubblegraphy by Studio Oddness on CROWDYHOUSE


Studio Oddness is a design duo founded at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. The two young and ambitious designers Adrianus Kundert and Thomas van der Sman met literally with their hands in the clay while they were both working on their own projects. A vital collaboration evolved and they launched their first series of vases at the end of last year. The Bubblegraphy series consists of six different shapes, each produced vase has unique layer which is made by a special soap technique. By blowing air into the glaze the bubbles create a mesmerizing play on the exterior of the vase.

Please find a full interview with Adrianus and Thomas here.

The production way of the vases is inspired by the random odd. Both, Adrianus and Thomas have a fascination for amorph structures and randomness. In their opinion, the design world does not usually accept random processes in order to design something. Nevertheless, because of that they utilize this unusual way of production. For them it is not clearly planned and designed, what they do here is bringing these two components together and making a random structure with their bubbles and bring them into a clear shape. Their aim was to get the random aspect of their work into a more acceptable frame.

Bubblegraphy by Studio Oddness on CROWDYHOUSE Bubblegraphy by Studio Oddness on CROWDYHOUSE


The two designers see themselves as different from other designers and their approaches, but in their eyes this actually helped them to become a good team. They did not know each other very well in the beginning which made them a team which is very much focused on their projects.

At the moment Adrianus and Thomas are still producing the Bubblegraphy vases themselves. For both designers it is important to be physically connected to the vases. Every vase has it’s one of a kind bubble glaze, which defines this really unique design. They cannot control it but they also let it be random. They found a process to apply the technique so that they as designers can actually write with the bubbles, but the bubbles still keep their own identity.


Bubblegraphy by Studio Oddness on CROWDYHOUSE

For the future the vases are going to stand for themselves, there is no extension of this project planned. Studio Oddness is not going to continue with the same technique for their new series. The two innovative designers want to find a new material with a new technique, with similar qualities. They have lots of ideas floating around, and we can look forward and be excited to see their new projects.

The full press release and high resolution pictures can be found here

Go discover the whole collection of Bubblegraphy by Studio Oddness on CROWDYHOUSE!


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The Top 12 CROWDYHOUSE Best Sellers of 2015

It is nearly the end of the year and we decided to publish the top 12 best sellers on CROWDYHOUSE for 2015. There have been some stand out designs presented this year by some of the best designers in Europe. A big congratulations goes to the designers for designing and producing innovative, beautiful, inspiring and affordable design. We’re already looking forward to publishing the 2016 list. Happy New Year!

1. Sheepad Felt Coasters Set

by WellDone Dobre Rzeczyn

2. Mini-Spot Wooden Table Lamp

by Van Tjalle en Jasper

3. Elkebana Wooden Wall Trophy

by Fabio Milito + Paula Studio

4. Birds LED Lamp

by Studio Dennis Parren

5. Hummingbird Necklace

by Studio Antal

6. Long Legs (Candle Holders)

by Jasmin Djerzic

7. Spot-nik Laser Cut Floor Lamp

by Van Tjalle en Jasper

8. Woodstack Firewood Holder Single

by Daddys Brand

9. Spijkerbrij Black Denim Bow Tie 6

by Leonie & Lois

10. Moods Wall Clock

by Paula Studio – designers by necessity

11. Geometric Bag


12. Comb Wooden Bookshelf

by jaanus orgusaar/borealis ltd.


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Hot Products: Juan Cappa Design



Wood, straw, reed and metal: the basic ingredients of a design by Juan Cappa. The special thing about the use of these materials is the fact that they are coming from local sawmills and farmers. Because of this beautiful collaboration Juan is able to create stools and lamps with history.


Inspired by the different landscapes and cultures of the countries, from Sweden to South America, the creations of Juan are the result of a surprising combination of materials.

“My lamps are inspired by basketry and the repetitive work, which is found in crafts.
The design of the straw stool derived from a collaboration with a local goat cheese manufacturer. The shapes and materials found in the barn inspired me to create
a unique and natural looking stool.”

Juan Cappa grew up in Colombia in a creative environment. At young age he already got influenced by close family members crafting beautiful things from natural materials with their own different potentials. Discovering traditional craft techniques and materials became a great source of inspiration and a very important part in his process of designing and making.  

Floor Ceiling Table Basketlamp by Juan Cappa on CROWDYHOUSE

The Basketlamp is a good example. This design is based on the principle of basketry whereby the repetitive work, which is found in crafts often, gives the design the shape and builds a steady structure. The design of the Straw Stool derived from a collaboration with a local goat cheese manufacturer. The shapes and materials found in the barn animated Juan to create a unique and natural looking stool.

Floor Ceiling Table Basketlamp by Juan Cappa on CROWDYHOUSE

Although the Straw Stool looks rather laborious, the process of creating the Straw Stool is actually quite simple. First, the metal is cut in length, where after the strokes are rolled into circles and weld together. Then is ready for painting. Last but not least the straw is cut and put inside the metal form where the multiple straws collectively create a robust shape and a comfortable surface.

Floor Ceiling Table Basketlamp by Juan Cappa on CROWDYHOUSE

Floor Ceiling Table Basketlamp by Juan Cappa on CROWDYHOUSE

Floor Ceiling Table Basketlamp by Juan Cappa on CROWDYHOUSE

The most beautiful thing for Juan in designing and creating, is seeing a design evolve from nothing to a finished product. A finished product for those who appreciate well-treated natural materials, good craftsmanship and products with a story. Made by people who care about these same values. And one of those people is indeed Juan Cappa. 

Go discover Juan’s collection on CROWDYHOUSE!