Cryptex Wooden Lamp


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Description du produit

As a floor or desk lamp, The Cryptex Wooden Lamp can bring a new, distinct feel to any space. As it has a closed top and bottom, the light doesn’t spill and cover every corner of a space. With the use of the vertical and horizontal lines and cylindrical shape, you still get the amazing shadow effect without it being to overpowering.

Comment c'est fait

The Hemmesphere lighting range, from Massow designs, takes beautifully crafted and sculpted wood, offset against the industrial feel of a bare light- bulb, to make this statement piece lighting range. The design of the Cryptex Wooden Lamp goes further than the fitting its self by creating unique shadows which can give any room a one of a kind feel with a warm and fulfilling glow. Taking Japanese influences, the lamps are designed to be peaceful by using very clean lines and brilliant craftsmanship. As very tactile pieces, they bring a brilliant energy into any space

Poids 4 kg
Dimensions 27.8 x 305 x 27.8 cm(Longueur x Largeur x Hauteur)



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