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Hot Products: LiliLite

Discover the LiliLite by Thijs Smeets


LiliLite; the all in one solution for reading in bed
The all in one solution for reading in bed

Award-winning designer comes up with the perfect combination between functional and cool. Say hi to LiliLite – the all in one solution for reading in bed.


Is it a bookshelf? Is it a reading light? Is it a bookmark? It is the solution for all the above: The LiliLite. Aside from looking adorable, its most unique feature is the responsive light switch: the sensor registers if an open book is placed on the peak. The light will switch on and off when you use LiliLite as a bookmark.

LiliLite; the all in one solution for reading in bed


Dutch Designer Thijs Smeets designed the LiliLite. After a very successful Kickstarter campaign it is now an off the shelf product. Smeets came up with this multifunctional design when he and his book-loving girlfriend got frustrated with the old-fashioned night-stand. Bed lamp, glass of water, pile of books… There was always the chance of creating a mess.

LiliLite provides a next level solution: the product can be hung above your bed. It also works perfectly with e-readers or tablets. The shelf itself is made out of single piece of steam pressed plywood finished with an American oak veneer. A top shelf product that fits any bedroom style.



LiliLite Double Bed

The perfect gift for your bookworm mother, a housewarming or as an encouragement for your kids to get them to read.

…or why not treat yourself?


LiliLite is sold via the webshop for 149€ for one, or 249€ for two.


About the Designer


Thijs Smeets

Thijs Smeets (1979) is an Amsterdam based product designer. His talents are recognized by consumer brands like Coca Cola, Nokia and Nike, as well as high-end furniture brands like Leolux and Gispen.

His designs are exhibited all over the world, currently in the Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art. Millions of his products have been sold.


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English Press Release

Dutch Press Release

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New in the House: Form&Seek Collective

Meet Form&Seek

Meet Golnar, Ruben and Bilge. They are 3 designers and good friends, and are initiators of Form&Seek. Form&Seek is a young collective of designers and right this moment they are presenting their work at the London Design Festival. We think Golnar, Ruben and Bilge have a very exciting story to share. Have a nice read!

FS_GroupPortrait_BWFLTR: Ruben, Bilge and Golnar


What is Form&Seek?

We are a dynamic collective of young designers. We gather designers who are interested in both the functional and poetic appeal of design and believe that objects have the power to communicate meaningful messages and new ways of looking at the world. By placing our work within the familiar framework of everyday life, we aim to innovate and provoke discussion.



Why did you start Form&Seek? 

We started Form&Seek in 2013 with a group of friends in London as a platform to show our work to the world and give creative talents the opportunity to do this. It is difficult for young designers to bare the cost of exhibiting and international design shows. We wanted to have this opportunity through sharing the costs and responsibilities in order to have our own shows. Through Form&Seek we are constantly creating an ever-evolving network of designers who are challenging design and looking at it from diverse perspectives. It allows us to have a place in the design through creating a context and environment of our own.

If you can define From&Seek in one word, what would it be?

FRESH – Form&Seek gathers the newest and freshest ideas together.

How many designers are part of Form&Seek?

It varies, we started with just 9 designers when we first showed in Istanbul Design Week in 2013. This year in London Design Festival we have 30 designers showing with us. Since 2013 we have created shows with 72 different talented designers.

How do you select designers to be part?

Form&Seek is by invitation only. We look at what sort of work the designers are doing and think about the process behind the work. If we find the process and material interesting and if the work fits the show theme we will invite them.

At this moment you are exhibiting at London Design Festival, what is the show all about?

We have two shows at London Design Festival. The show in Boxpark is based on the concept de-construct/re-construct. The work we have selected for the show play with this idea through the process involved in making the work. Here all the work on exhibition will be available to purchase as well, which is very exciting for anyone wanting new and unique design pieces. Our second show based on the same theme will be held at London Design Fair in the Truman Brewery. Both are within the Shoreditch Design Triangle.

What can we expect to see from Fom&Seek in the near future? 

Each year we are growing larger. We started with 9 designers and now we have tripled the amount of work and space needed. We have big plans for Milan Design Week now. We are now working on taking Form&Seek further from a collective of exhibitors making their own work to a brand which will hopefully be able to take on a collection of objects to produce under the F&S label. We would also like to have opportunities to curate other shows and spaces.


What is your best quality as a designer and what would you like to improve?  

  • Golnar: I feel I am open minded and don’t dismiss anything as impossible. I’d like to be able to turn more ideas into a reality.
  • Ruben: I am quite versatile and comfortable in different disciplines. I would like to improve my leadership skills as we are starting to grow as a studio.
  • Bilge: As designers we should be able to understand and create new human behaviors and habits. This all leads to stories that design objects tell and the user feel that they are part of the story. I believe in my work I am able to tell good stories. In the near future I would like to work with different mediums and scales to challenge myself.

What is the best part of being a designer in this decade?

  • Golnar: connection to the whole world. I love that we can travel the world doing what we do. Meet people from other cultures and influence and inspire one another.
  • Ruben: You have the freedom to build a company and do many things yourself that used to be very difficult to be done.
  • Bilge: I believe we live in an era that people understands and values design which i feel very lucky.

What are your biggest struggles as a designer?  

  • Golnar: keeping up
  • Ruben: To know when to stop and to know when to push something further.
  • Bilge: Designing process is always an emotional roller coaster, it actually doesn’t happen overnight. As a designer i need to play with the material understand the processes to be able to design. Since the craftsmanship slowly leaving the cities it is getting harder to be part of new craft techniques.

If the sky is the limit, where would you be in 10 years from now?

  • Golnar: Living a nomadic, creative life between continents.
  • Ruben: I would like to have a hub where design, art, music, food and theatre come together.
  • Bilge: In 10 year i would live in London and have a huge airy studio in a very green neighbourhood where i can make a big mess:).

The person I admire most in the whole world is…

  • Golnar: my parents
  • Ruben: Nelson Mandela
  • Bilge: Vincent Van Gogh

My favorite music artist or band is…

  • Golnar: I really like Joan Armatrading
  • Ruben: Mos Def
  • Bilge:

The most important thing in my life is…

  • Golnar: Love
  • Ruben: Golnar
  • Bilge: Family

My guilty pleasure is…

  • Golnar: Catching up on sleep
  • Ruben: Red Wine and cheese
  • Bilge: Chocolate

If I could have a super power it would be…

  • Golnar: teleport from Europe to Australia and back
  • Ruben: Flying
  • Bilge: Flicking my finger and getting what I want

My favorite city in the world is…

  • Golnar: Amsterdam
  • Ruben: London
  • Bilge: London so far but I need to see much more in the world to answer this, so ask me in 10 years



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CROWDYHOUSE 3 years later

CROWDYHOUSE celebrates its third birthday

This month CROWDYHOUSE is celebrating its third birthday and the launch of their brand new website. CROWDYHOUSE started three years ago as a crowdfunding platform for design, transformed into a rebel with a cause within the existing design industry. CROWDYHOUSE works with selected raw and talented designers with an exciting uniqueness and connects them to the crowd. Founders Mark Studholme and Suzan Claesen are looking back at their journey and explain what the ‘new’ CROWDYHOUSE is all about.

Three years ago CROWDYHOUSE started in the uprise of the crowdfunding market. Mark and Suzan, whom both have a background in the furniture and design industry, have a lot of passion and compassion for what they call the ‘undiscovered designers’. This group of young and talented upcoming designers is main group they facilitate. When CROWDYHOUSE launched as a crowdfunding platform the aim was to help these designers raise funding to set up a production line and directly sell to customers.

Mark & Suzan, co-founders of CROWDYHOUSE

The platform kicked off with 20 different products online, based on the crowdfunding principles each needing a minimum number of orders before the designer would start the production. Shortly after the launch CROWDYHOUSE grew fast in number of products and designers to fund on their site. The response from customers on the products was very positive, it became clear that there is a huge consumer need to buy something different from all mainstream design products out there. However, selling the products through crowdfunding turned out not to add a lot of value. Many designers were able to deliver directly and were mainly looking for a suitable platform to sell their work.

After taking in these learnings Mark and Suzan took away all the parts, including the crowdfunding concept, that were distracting from the most important and exciting part of CROWDYHOUSE, the raw and talented designers they bring together on their platform. With the launch of the new website the vision for CROWDYHOUSE has never been more clear.

Mark and Suzan feel the commercial system of the traditional design industry has led to a rather uniform pool of established designers, working for a rather uniform pool of well-known brands, selling to a rather uniform pool of consumers. With CROWDYHOUSE they are working towards a world filled with a wider variety of design. That’s why they open their doors to design talents that are blessed with an exciting uniqueness. Even for the super edgy ones with a small commercial audience. Not just any upcoming designer is suitable to join their club. Their creations must be unforeseen and outspoken. They must be skilled enough to produce high quality products suitable for daily usage. And most importantly, they should be absolutely passionate about their work.

‘When the right people are gathered in the right way, the whole becomes greater, perhaps much greater, than the sum of its parts. Gathering the right people at the right time in their lives, in the right combination of talents, is our core business.’ – Suzan Claesen
Beyond the limits of the traditional design conventions CROWDYHOUSE creates the right conditions for upcoming designers to be discovered. They encourage designers to develop design that is off the beaten track, and offer a platform that intensifies their designs and gives them instant credibility. CROWDYHOUSE creates a platform for designers where they are free to add some swag to the design industry. By removing the obstacles between designers and design fans worldwide their goal is to enhance a more personal connection. Currently CROWDYHOUSE is selling products to customers in 58 different countries worldwide.

‘Having talent is something. Yet marketing it and getting noticed is completely different. We see designers with skills that are both undeniable and unparalleled, but they still seem to stay undiscovered. It’s exactly these raw talents we want to connect to the crowd.’ – Mark Studholme
Many designers that joined CROWDYHOUSE at the very start have experienced the impact the platform has had on the growth and recognition of their studios. Tjalle Niehof and Jasper Kuil from studio ‘Van Tjalle en Jasper’ are a great example of upcoming designers on their way making name in Europe. They were one of the first designers to join CROWDYHOUSE. Over the past years their studio grew in popularity in the industry and sales through the platform allowed them to further develop their business. Today they are a profitable studio selling their work all throughout Europe. The role of CROWDYHOUSE is giving them the needed exposure connecting them to the right people interested in their work.

‘CROWDYHOUSE played a big part in us being discovered as upcoming design studio’  – Japser Kuil

Tjalle and Jasper from studio ‘VanTjalle&Jasper’


For ceramic designer Jasmin Djerzic, CROWDYHOUSE was one of his first online sales places. He produces his products himself in his workshop. From the moment Jasmin joined CROWDYHOUSE he quickly noticed people discovered his work through the exposure on the platform. He started selling many products and even struggled to keep up production. Jasmin’s vision is that design should be affordable for everyone. Right this moment Jasmin is expanding his production line to make his products available for a larger market.

‘I am proud to be part of the CROWDYHOUSE family, it is fantastic to be able to present my work among so many like minded designers’– Jasmin Djerzic

Jasmin Djerzic

These designers are on their way to take the next step, a level up from an upcoming to an established studio. Mark and Suzan believe it is a good thing designers spread their wings and have ambition to grow big, even when they started small on CROWDYHOUSE. At the same time they welcome new upcoming design talent they connect to the crowd.


What to expect from CROWDYHOUSE the coming years? CROWDYHOUSE believes the design industry needs some spice. They aim to do that by going off the beaten track, and add some swag to the design industry. CROWDYHOUSE wants people to feel instead of think, to laugh out loud instead of giggle and to be orange instead of grey. Within the traditional design industry CROWDYHOUSE is the rebel with a cause, the real deal with a feel.


Keep an eye on the new website where CROWDYHOUSE will continue to surprise you with the most unique products from Europe’s most exciting designers.


Suzan Claesen – Co-founder of CROWDYHOUSE



French Press Release – PDF
English Press Release – PDF
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