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Millennial Pink – Fresh June Catches






This month, CROWDYHOUSE selected a fantastic fresh collection of design products. Discover our Millennial pink catches from some of Europe’s most exciting designers.

Our selection of the month includes:

1- Petite Tripod Side Table by Avec Amour

2- Latte Set Porcelain Pink by Nuud Ceramics

3- Porcelain Bowl by Nuud Ceramics

4- Bounce Family Christine Foam Chair by Veronique Baer

5- Modu M Ceiling Light by TEO- Timeless Everyday Objects

6- Pineapple Pink Necklace by Pyla

7- Pouf Bubbles Pink by SanFates

Designer Spotlight: Pyla

Curated Design Jewelry. Form over the substance. Pyla is a non-industrial and non-ephemeral line of accessories. Design is the intrinsic value of each item, uniquely handcrafted from the encounter between pure shape and raw materials. Metals and ropes, expertly assembled, become creations for precious identities who mistrust the trappings, believe in the essential and embrace a solid style, that lasts in time. Find out on Pyla’s page some of her millennial pink jewels!

If you want to discover CROWDYHOUSE Entire Millennial Pink design products Collection check out this page!

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