CHAIR VOYAGE: Kitson Indus Henna

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The fascination of binding seventeen pieces of wood to the chair VOYAGE was the starting point for the design. The chamfer between back and seat opens the way to a simple structure and to a new approach of sitting. The frame of wooden slats forms a beam at the rear and unites the stability with an easy seat. The central pillow coincides with the chamfer and supports the lower back. The “active seat” in combination with the horizontal pillows as well the “running” effect of the slats gives the chair VOYAGE a dynamic character. The diamond pattern of the Underground District Gold makes this impression even stronger. The chair VOYAGE is also available in black leather. Frame: ash wood stained with oil Cushions: Underground District Gold (59% VI, 23% PL, 18% CO) Kitson Indus Henna (73% VI, 19% LI, 8% PA) Linara Fern (63% CO,37% LI) Tornado Schwarz (black leather, 1,1 mm)

Hoe Het Gemaakt Is

Apart from the origin of the fabrics the chair VOYAGE is a fully Dutch product. After arrival from Zaandam the wooden slats, with the notches and holes, will be stained with oil and assembled in our workshop. Because of their craftsmanship the slats fits perfectly and gives the chair an extra refinement. On top a coloured anodized aluminium rail profile keeps the cushions in its place. After the arrival from Friesland the cushions are laced to the rail profile and the Chair VOYAGE is ready for shipment. The brand VOYAGE is burned on the wood and can be found as a label at the rear.

Afmetingen 85 x 65 x 90 cm(Length x Width x Height)
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