Confetti shelf system – C13

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Confetti C13 edition: shelf art in its true self, the Mondrian connection is a centerpiece with style. Confetti is an expressive and versatile wall-mounted shelf system designed and produced in Sweden. It consists of three parts: back-plate, bricks and shelves that easily can be composed in truly unique combinations. The colours of the bricks ranging from soft pale blends to striking rich colours that opens for a serious personal and artful shelf experience. The colored bricks are arranged and then pushed in to the back-plate. The panel is then hanged on the wall and the shelves are finally pushed in between the bricks. Several panels can be combined to create a larger wall piece and it’s possible to change the position on both bricks and shelves.

Hoe Het Gemaakt Is

Confetti is designed and manufactured in Sweden. A Confetti modular shelf system kit is composed by the following parts: 1 Back-plate, dyed fiber board, 77x43x1,2 cm 45 bricks, ABS plastic, 8x8x2,2 cm 3 small shelves, acrylic plastic, 21×17,5×0,6 cm 1 large shelf, acrylic plastic, 43×17,5×0,6 cm Confetti C13 colors: 3pcs Pale Green (6021), 3pcs Chocolate Brown (8017), 4pcs Colza Yellow (1021), 4pcs Tele Magenta (4010), 4pcs Signal Blue (5005), 4pcs Vermilion (2002), 6pcs Light Grey (7035), 17pcs Signal White (9003) Included in the packaging there is also a tool to remove the bricks. Packaging size: 86x44x6,5 cm 6,5 kg

Gewicht 6 kg
Afmetingen 43 x 18.5 x 77 cm(Length x Width x Height)

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