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– unisex backpack – 4 pattern options – handcrafted – eco-friendly textiles – water-resistant – durable – cruelty free – vegan – fair trade

Hoe Het Gemaakt Is

–CORK– Cork is the bark of the cork oak tree that is extracted by hand in a harmless way, first after 25 years and thereafter in every 9 years without hurting the tree. Cork forests are mainly located over west Mediterranean area where the trees live on average of 200 years. –CHARACTERISTICS– Cork is 100% natural, recyclable and sustainable material that has unique ability to absorb a lot of CO2 from the atmosphere. Moreover, it is lightweight, flexible and has a soft texture. Cork fabric is an innovative ecological textile that is durable, abrasion and water-resistant. Our fabric is sourced and processed in Portugal, where the biggest cork oak forest are found. We are conscious about the environment and use residue fabric from the factory that is free from any substances which could harm nature or health. –VEGAN LEATHER​– Vegan leather is cruelty free artificial leather that has similar texture and feel to the real leather. –CHARACTERISTIC– The artificial leather is durable, water-resistant and free from any substances that could harm the environment.

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