DUNA Metal Desk Furnishing

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Designer Davide Aquini DUNA Metal Desk Furnishing holds, among its folds, pens, pencils and other little office accessories like USB pendrives and business cards. The ready-reference to the natural element, the sand, recalls the picture of the desert where the wind moulds the dunes that follow each others in a rhythmic and progressive way. The idea of the project is to join a handy need to keep an eye to the writing material, without stripping down pencil cases or penholders where something always remains “in the bottom”, to the chance to have an element that embellishes the desk. For a better match to several contexts, it is available in two different variants: the first circular one has progressive folds and the second one, squared shape, has irregular folds.

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Moreover, the design values the manufacturing typical of Offiseria's products: the metal sheet folding as outcome of function, shape and production. The DUNA Metal Desk Furnishing is 21 cm depth 21 cm width and 3 cm high.

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