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Duo Clay Table Lamp

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The Duo Clay Table Lamp is designed to add a touch of warmth to any space, combining mouth blown opal glass and the finest slip cast terracotta. It is equally at home on an office desk, a side table or a kitchen worktop and can also be fixed in place making it ideal for restaurant booth tables. The Duo Clay Table Lamp is available in two versions, a small one and a large one. The product dimensions are 10 cm diameter, 20 cm height for the small one (1 kg), and 15 cm diameter, 30 cm height for the large one (1,2 kg).  

Hoe Het Gemaakt Is

To produce the Duo Clay Table Lamp with its real clarity of colour, we use white body earthenware clay as any other clay shines through and affects the purity of the glaze colour. This wonderful white clay allows us to have fun with some really vibrant, clean colours. We use the traditional slipcasting technique to make our products, in which the liquid slip clay is poured into plaster moulds. Gradually, the moisture is absorbed from the outermost layers of clay into the mould. The excess liquid is then poured off until we’re left with a clay ‘skin’. We have huge admiration for the skill of glass blowing, which requires the blower to create an object without actually touching it! It takes years of training and practice to master and is sadly an art that is becoming very rare in the UK.


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