Genois Limited Edition Lounge Pouf

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Genois Limited Edition Lounge Pouf is an armchair pouf made with recovered sail. The fabric becomes tense when the seat is used and the back acquires rigidity adapting perfectly to the body, making it extremely comfortable. Genois Limited Edition Lounge Pouf is from a specific sail, the origin of which is specified in the tag. White fabric combined with six possible bolt rope’s ending colours (white, black, red, mink, navy blue, orange). Genois Limited Edition Lounge Pouf measurements: 97x130x80cm

Hoe Het Gemaakt Is

Genois Limited Edition Lounge Pouf is handmade in Spain using sails from all over the world. Genois Limited Edition Lounge Pouf concept: Its silhouette evokes that of a sailing boat on the horizon. Formally, it is the combination between the geometry of a tetrahedron and the aesthetics of a stowage sack. Genois Limited Edition Lounge Pouf materials: Made of recovered sail fabric (Dacron), lacing ropes and metal eyelet holes. Inner filling of expanded polystyrene (EPS) pearls. Seam sewn in zig-zag with polyester thread, in exactly the same way as sails are made.

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Afmetingen 130 x 97 x 80 cm(Length x Width x Height)


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