My Writing Desk Large

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My Writing desk is designed for working people; creative people; people which know the value of efficient work. While building the idea of My Writing desk, designer Inesa Malafej had a goal – reduce the difficulties of working in a chaos. The desk has its storage space organized around the table top where all the things are always in sight and easily accessible. That enlarge using of the desktop right up to the edges without worrying that things might fall down, furthermore, any unnecessary objects can simply be pushed to the storage sides. The high edges of the My Writing desk isolates it in the room and creates a positive micro climate where things “feel good” in relationship with the user. The wings are divided for simple construction leaving a path for the wires. There are two drawers for a laptop and writing equipment. The legs of the table can be twisted off for easier transportation.

Hoe Het Gemaakt Is

My Writing Desk is produced in second biggest Lithuanian town Kaunas. Professionally bent plywood wings are connected with white painted MDF box which has a metal frame inside for the desk to be stable. In the end the wooden legs are capped with white painted steel to be screw in while quality control. Afterwards, each detail is carefully packed to be sent to the end-customer.

Gewicht 35 kg
Afmetingen 136 x 63 x 75 cm(Length x Width x Height)


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