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It seems, Naïve chair could be drawn by a child – six sticks and one seat, but that’s all it takes. The chair is stripped to the minimum: a carved solid ash seat and six legs of equal length to screw; but done with accuracy, each and single detail were carefully studied: the length and angles of the legs are set to get the best proportions for look and comfort. Naïve can be flat-packed into a small box and it takes only a minute to assemble it together or disassemble apart. Furthermore, easily interchangeable parts enable the owner to alter the chair’s colour from a classical solid wood to a playful mix of shades.

Hoe Het Gemaakt Is

The Naïve chairs are made completely from solid ash wood. In the production the very accurate machinery must be used to create the rights angles for the legs and backrest as well as the correct dent on the sitting part for it to be fully comfortable. Afterwards, all the details are either oiled for the ash version or painted in five different colours, so the customers have a possibility to choose the best fitting one. After the quality control soft part for backrest is added and all are safety packed.

Gewicht 5 kg
Afmetingen 49 x 39 x 82 cm(Length x Width x Height)


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