Planter – Low

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The objects that we make at Atelier DS, are an amalgamation of manual craft techniques and modern nuances of industrial design. The material colors and simple timeless forms are achieved through the traditional knowledge of materials that is inculcated within the craft practices. The minimalistic approach is a reaction to the otherwise prevalent “ornate” aesthetic associated with the local craft practices. Induction of simpler forms has led to a substantial amount of precision in the technique of the craftsmen. The product range includes tableware, lighting and work-desk accessories. The material palette consists of marble, wood, brass, and steel manipulated through the techniques of turning, die pressing, casting and subsequent surface finishes. Jaipur has been one of the oldest small-scale industrial centers of the country with a significant but diminishing craft culture. The statement-al approach towards design is a conscious approach to restore good craftsmanship and relevant design to its stature. Another aspect of the studio is bespoke products. We strongly believe that the true forte of handmade is in the “customized and experimental”. The evolution of the skills of the craftsmen has led them to develop their own unique style profiles and thus imparting their own identity to each object they create.

Hoe Het Gemaakt Is

Hand beating on brass, locally known as “mathar” is one of the crafts that are synonymous with Jaipur. Malleable sheets of brass are beaten to achieve the desired form. The textured finish is obtained through detailed hammering with the help of a master die. The entire process, from cutting the sheet to lacquering requires around 7 days of dedicated work to obtain a batch of 10 planters.

Gewicht 1.5 kg
Afmetingen 20.32 x 20.32 x 25.4 cm(Length x Width x Height)


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