Poligon Geometric Tableware Set

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The Poligon Geometric Tableware Set instead of smooth shapes, is pottery that is build up out of polygons. Every product is unique and handmade, so it  will be a great eye-catcher in a modern interior. It has a very surprising shape, and holds firmly. Made in high quality glazed porcelain, for a long lifetime at a daily use. The color on the exterior is high gloss white to emphasize the polygons. Combined with the bright inside colors, this will result in great contrast. Choice of various colors, to combine your own colorful set: Deep Red, Emerald Green, Cobalt Blue and Bright Orange. The Poligon Geometric Tableware Set consists of five pieces. There is a bowl, which is ideal to eat soup, noodles or breakfast. Or perfect to store your favourite candy. Secondly an espresso cup, which is good for 100ml of your strong coffee. Then, I also made a conventional cup. straightforward and unique in design. Special item is a thermo cup, which contains a cavity inside, so the inside and outside are not in contact. This results in that the heat will not be transferred to the outside. Great to hold a hot cup of tea or coffee. The tableware is high quality for daily use and safe for Oven, Dishwasher and Microwave. If you would like to order more of 1 item in mixed colours please select the number of items and select mixed colurs. We will contact you to ask the different colours you would like, Finally, to complete the collection, I created a vase. Same style in polygons, and a great fit: Poligon Vaas Poligon Bowl This bowl holds 600ml (20 Fl. oz.) and could easily fit in one hand. Great for noodles, cereal, or a soup. Stackable on top of each other to store them compactly. Height: 6,5 cm (2,5 inch) – Diameter: 15 cm (5 inch) Poligon Espresso Cup This Poligon espresso cup holds 100 ml(3,5 Fl. oz.), ideal for a single or double espresso. The shape of the cup is narrowed on top to preserve the heat and aromas. Height: 6 cm (2,5 inch) – Diameter: 6 cm (2,5 inch)) Poligon Cup This cup holds 270ml (9 Fl. oz.) and due to the closed form, hot drinks keep the temperature a little longer. Great to grip your hand fully around the cup to warm your hands in the cold winter days. Height: 9 cm (3,5 inch) – Diameter: 9 cm (3 inch) Poligon Thermo Cup The cup contains a cavity inside, so the inner wall is not in contact with the exterior of the cup. This will result that heat will not be transferred to the outside. Ideal for drinking hot tea, while clamping the cup between your hands and not burn them. The thermo cup will hold a volume of 250 ml(8,5 Fl. oz.), so this will be sufficient for a nice cup of coffee or tea. Height: 10 cm (4 inch) – Diameter: 10 cm (4 inch)

Hoe Het Gemaakt Is

The Poligon Geometric Tableware Set is slib casted from liquid clay, in plaster molds. Then the cups are fired around 980 degrees. After that the pieces will be dipped in color and transparent glaze. The second fire goes up to 1240 degrees. The the pieces are almost finished and the logo will be placed afterwards, to stain on the glaze. The whole process is done in my studio in Rotterdam, which is located in an old school building.



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