Secret Fingerprint Domed Rings Sterling Silver

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This beautiful wedding ring features a secret fingerprint design. Each ring is handmade to order in our Sussex Studio. We believe that these simple, yet beautiful rings are a true piece of art and best of all, they can be fully personalised, so that they are unique to you. As crafters of stunning one of a kind pieces. We can customise this particular ring with one of the most unique things of all, a fingerprint. These rings are personal and provide you with a treat that only you can see. The ring will take a 2-4 weeks to make depending on the material. In order to take a print if you don’t already have one, all you need is a piece of plain white paper, a soft pencil and some clear sticky tape! Taking the prints: You will need a soft black pencil, white paper & sellotape. 1. Draw a sold black square on a piece of paper. 2. Press your finger firmly on the solid colour. 3. Lift up your finger and take a print of your finger using sellotape 4. Stick the sellotape down on the paper. (Its important the sellotape is free of dust and hair.) 5. Then simply email or post the print to us.

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Lovingly hand crafted in our Sussex studio

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