SIMUL6 | Handmade functional tiles, clock, planter and flame

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This combination is as versatile as it is colorfull. 20 Mono tiles in various shades of grey and an additional planter, clock and candleholder add up to a scenic combination. All elements in this SIMUL set are hand made in our studio in Amsterdam. The subtle variations in the greys make every element unique. MonoTile LightGrey: 10, MonoTile DarkGrey : 10, MonoClock Concrete : 1, MonoPlanter Concrete : 1, MonoFlame Concrete ; 1. Setprice 198,- Single elements 240,- Dimensions surface as shown: 80 x 65cm / 31,5″ x 25,6″ Add extra elements to SIMUL 6 to cover a large surface.

Hoe Het Gemaakt Is

The Valence studio is situated in Amsterdam. We design and make new elements within the Valence wallsystem. We try to limit ourselves to 4 new products per year, but sometimes we find it very hard to choose… This means there is always something new to add to your interior! The input from users is a big inspiration. Share your projects or suggestions #valencewallsystem Many solid (3D) elements are handmade in the Valence studio in Amsterdam. MarbleArt or Concrete elements or the assembly of the various wallclocks. Polygon (2D) elements are usually made with the lasercutter. Together with our partners we work on various interiorprojects. Together with the customer we could make a special design for a hotel, bar, office and many more. We love to do bespoke products, sometimes this leads to new elements in the collection.

Gewicht 4 kg
Afmetingen 80 x 65 x 4 cm(Length x Width x Height)



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