SUNrise/SUNset Wall Lamp

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Life as we know it is a revolving cycle around the Sun. Since the dawn of time, the Sun’s stages shaped the way we interact with the world around us. The skies have become a mirror to humans’ ancestral ways, tied to our well being, our emotional balance and everyday life activities. Crisp bright blue mornings followed by the red-orange-purple of the sunsets give us energy and joy. On the other hand, a few days of grey cloudy skies or months of short winter days and our mood begins to shift. It doesn’t take much to feel under the weather. Add to that the modern life style, which has slowly pulled us away from the Sun’s natural cycles as we have moved our activities towards the indoors, inside closed spaces which have shut off our contact with the elements, and our longing for the natural benefits of the Sun increased. Created during the dark Lithuanian winters comes “Sunrise/Sunset”, a lamp that puts the Sun’s colours in the palm of your hand. Winner of the International exhibition Furniture 2012 from Vilnius and the Red Dot Design Concept Award in 2014, this interactive object gives its user the possibility of choosing the right colour palette to suit the desired mood effect according to the moment of the day or personal preference, by gently sliding the light source over the coloured panel. It brings the vibrant and refreshing coolness of bright mornings inside your office or the warmth of cosy evenings to your living room.

Hoe Het Gemaakt Is

It is produced from well connected pieces of the plexiglass and on the front site the sticker with seven colours of the rainbow is carefully stick. Also, for the bulb itself special form is needed, and custom made bulb holder from the steel is installed precisely, so end user can easily slide the bulb to the desired colour.

Gewicht 4 kg
Afmetingen 60 x 3 x 20 cm(Length x Width x Height)

Sold by EMKO, UAB

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