The Woven Scarf Red

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The Wovens’ textile is composed of a waffle weave. This type of weave is originally used in towels to expose as much surface of a cotton yarn as possible, to absorb as much water possible. Winter in Holland uses this technique to maximally expose the woolen fiber to the skin, in order to benefit from its natural characteristic and beauty as much as possible. After altering and tweaking the technique, experimenting with yarns and colors, Anouk found an interestingly bold graphical texture, typical to an Winter in Holland design. The bulky graphical print dissolves towards the edges of the textile, leaving just a touch of dancing texture behind. The colored shapes disappear as stripes into a misty and buttery yellow, like a printer with an empty cartridge leaving the end of a piece of paper blanco.

Hoe Het Gemaakt Is

‘I’d rather have an item for a long time. One that marks my personality. One that reaches beyond seasons or years. A product should last as long as the wearer decides it fits their personality.’ Winter in Holland produces high quality Dutch textiles guided by its founder’s vision of forming a sartorial marriage between aesthetics and function. Since its inception, Winter in Holland has focussed on creating exceptional fabrics, both hand-made, and hand-dyed. Even after establishing a solid production line in The Netherlands driven by her company’s growth, Anouk van der Laan maintains her hand-made textiles while launching a new line; The Wovens. The Wovens is Winter in Holland’s first line produced on an antique electrical loom. The 100% woolen fabric is a sophisticated and versatile textured weave, subtle in its beauty, and offers a great comfort. The durability of a textile is key to a Winter in Holland design. Nowadays we long for a product that lasts. Not just for our money’s worth or the functionality of a product, but because we want to feel comfortable with the items we choose. We like to indulge ourselves with the endless pleasure a product can offer. ?

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Afmetingen 210 x 38 cm(Length x Width x Height)

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