Vein Side Table

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Vein’s ambition is to create new connections by combining different materials: the strong presence of marble is counterbalanced by the aesthetic transparency of acrylic. Vein’s uniqueness: its entirely artisanal manufacture. Italy is protagonist in our products, from beginning to end: white Carrara, green Alpi and grey Carnico marbles, each with individual, different veins; each with exclusively Italian origins. The detail that makes the difference? The sophisticated continuity between the marble top and the methacrylate legs. Scenic presence, planned into details.

Hoe Het Gemaakt Is

VIEN consists of a floor with four legs, each composed by two laser-cut elements milled at 45 degrees, glued and then finished to obtain the desired bevel. A milled marble top is easily inserted into the upper floor through joints, thus giving greater stability to the whole object. All the elements are hand glued with extreme care and precision through the UV-gluing technique, which allows almost invisible joints between the methacrylate slabs. The pieces are diamond-tool finishing by hand to give absolute clarity to the methacrylate and obtain a transparency that is superior to that of glass. The marble element, which comes from Italian quarry, is chamfered and polished.

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