WATERPROOF: The Art of War (Collectible)

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Written to advise ancient Chinese generals on warfare, the Art of War offers advice on a range of matters still relevant today, such as the importance of diplomacy, good management and strategy. Sun Zi teaches us to focus on difficulties and risk when things are easy and to seize opportunity when times are difficult. This Limited Edition by Bibliobath is entirely waterproof and highly durable. Ideal to keep next to your tub to pick up while relaxing in a hot bath, or to bring along on a beach holiday. **Limited Edition Print** This is a Limited Edition of The Art of War: Only 500 copies have been produced worldwide and this series will not be re-printed once stock runs out!

Hoe Het Gemaakt Is

All books are printed on synthetic paper made from polypropylene which is fully waterproof but feels like real paper at a thickness of just 0.085 mm. No trees are used in the production of the materials, which is fully recyclable.* Both the ink and binding were tested at various water temperatures and soap types, to ensure they hold up to a hot bath or salty seawater! After experimenting with a wide range of layouts, we have developed a range of Bibliobath designs which represent a modern brand but still retain the look of a real ‘classic’. *The polypropylene can be fully recycled. Just in case a book is incinerated with the trash it will be completely burned without any toxic byproducts.

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