Waves Acrylic Modular Bottle Rack

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The striking presence of Waves is nearly architectural, with its alternating solid and hollow volumes and transparencies. The soothing light effects – overlaps and reflections – fill the whole surrounding space. Waves’ structure is based on modules: the composition can suit all different needs. Each rack connects to the lower one thanks to its functional shape. Easy to stack, Waves takes up little room when not in use. As in all Madea products, manual skills play a fundamental role in the manufacture of Waves: every part is hand-glued with extreme precision.

Hoe Het Gemaakt Is

WAVES is made of many small elements, laser cut, milled and hand-glued with extreme precision. The uniqueness of this product is its modular structure: the composition can suit all different needs. The diamond-tool finish gives absolute clarity to the methacrylate and a transparency that is superior to that of glass.

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