Unique Women’s Accessories on CROWDYHOUSE

We always want to have the most original accessories available. Good news! Here at CROWDYHOUSE, we have the most unique women’s accessories. Customize your iPad with the IPAD HOLDER STREET.  Change your watch for the new GOLDEN POCKET WATCH, made combining multiple old pocket-watches into a fashionable contemporary, new watch. Organize your accessories with the VOIR JEWELLERY STAND, a beautiful design that keeps your precious pieces well displayed and always on hand. From iPad covers and iPhone cases, to scarfs and sunglasses, the collection for unique women’s accessories at CROWDYHOUSE is limitless. Whether you are searching for yourself, or looking for a special gift, make sure to browse our entire collection of unique women’s accessories. We are certain you will find what you are looking for.

Designer Spotlight: Winter in Holland: Unique Women’s Accessories

Winter in Holland produces high quality Dutch textiles guided by its founder’s vision of forming a sartorial marriage between aesthetics and function. Winter in Holland creates exceptional fabrics, both hand-made and hand-dyed. It is also the brand that creates unique women’s accessories, such as scarfs. The WOVEN SCARF is one of Anouk van der Laan’s first designs. Available in blue, yellow and aubergine, the woolen scarf is a must-have design for the winter. For summer, the WOVEN THROW is the design you want to have. We all know Holland is not the warmest country to spend summer days. Therefore, having a throw that can serve for those cold nights at the beach during summer (or all year long) is a great idea. Composed of a waffle weave, it maximally exposes the woolen fiber to the skin, in order to benefit from its natural characteristic and beauty.

The best Unique Women’s Accessories Brands on CROWDYHOUSE

Here at CROWDYHOUSE we have a wide variety of unique women’s accessories. DORA is a shoe and accessories designer. Her work is mostly inspired by the Russian constructivism, simple and clean with special details. Her unique women’s accessories include: the NUDE LEATHER KEYCHAIN, made from leather with a silver metal ring and snaps, and the BLOCK HAIRBAND, made out of two wooden blocks. ZAND-EROVER is a small Dutch label with minimalist designs, such as bags and accessories. Discover for example the LEATHER COIN CASE. MUEMMA is another great label for unique women’s accessories, Muemma makes lifestyle products smart and technology fashionable. The HUG WALLET is a great example. 

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Unique Women's Accessories on CROWDYHOUSE