Women’s designer bags on CROWDYHOUSE

Bags.. a woman’s best friend. Here at CROWDYHOUSE you will be able to find a variety of women’s designer bags. From leather bags and handbags, to stylish backpacks, laptop bags or just simple purses. Looking for a clutch or a purse? Dutch designer QOOWL has crafted a rare and elegant “technical” wooden bag complemented with a sleek leather interior, the PLAAT WOODEN HANDBAG. If you are looking for the perfect, sophisticated bag for your everyday, then you will want to take a look at the urban style BRASS SHOPPER by Zand-Erover. On the other hand, if you are looking to make a statement and support sustainability, designer Yaco Studio has the perfect product for you. The Yaco Denim Bag is made out of denim, hand-made and unique. This is only the beginning, of an endless selection of women’s designer bags you can find at CROWDYHOUSE.

Designer Spotlight: ATTITUDE157 – Unique women’s designer bags

Attitude157 is a women’s designer bags brand that focuses on unlocking a new women attitude through experimenting with geometry, patterns and minimalism. One of the most popular women’s designer bags on CROWDYHOUSE is the GEOMETRIC LEATHER BAG. The BLACK AND WHITE STRIPED BAG is also a design that a lot of people like. This designer bag for women is beautiful and colourful tote for the great days. The NEW GEOMETRIC BAG is designed for the bold women looking for items that will stand out and be unique. The new geometric bag will bring the beautiful geometry to your personal wardrobe. Like Attitude157, there are numerous other brands of women’s designer bags available on CROWDYHOUSE. Make sure you browse through the entire collection for more women’s designer bags.

The best women’s designer bags brands on CROWDYHOUSE

Here at CROWDYHOUSE, we have a wide range of brands of women’s designer bags. SPRDLX is a Dutch brand focusing on leather bags for women. It is inspired on the 80s style of the Spanish island, Ibiza. By adding only subtle details, SPRDLX products retain an elegant minimalism which is timeless. The MIRO LEATHER BAG draws its name from the Spanish word “miro,” which means “I see.” Everyone can see what you are carrying with you in this see-through bag. Due to its classic colour, black, the Miro leather bag is a minimalist style that gives the perfect touch to any look. The HANNAH DELUXE GREY BAG is a CROWDYHOUSE favourite. One of the most elegant women’s designer bags, it combines two different sorts of Italian leather that gives it a colourful appearance.

Another great design label is MARIN ET MARINE BERLIN. They are two sisters that decided to create the perfect bag for travelling. They concentrate on the simple but beautiful things in life. The SAC MARIN NAVY BLUE is one of the most popular ones. It is beautiful, joyful, and perfect for your summer travels.

IF BAGS is a fabulous women’s designer bags label. Originally from Milano, Italy, designers Isa Claudia and Francesca decided to create something simple and unique that you could carry around on your shoulder. Therefore, they created bags like the IF ECO LEATHER BAG, made of Italian eco-leather, and perfect for your everyday errands. These are not the only brands available on CROWDYHOUSE for women’s designer bags, so make sure you browse through the entire section!

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Women's Designer Bags on CROWDYHOUSE