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It is difficult to find the perfect bracelet. Your bracelets can make or break your entire attire, and every woman has her own personal style. But here, on CROWDYHOUSE, you can find the best bracelets designers for women. From wooden bracelets to 3d printed bracelets, a wide selection of material and fantasies inspired our bracelets designers. For example the No 1 Marble Bracelet is made out of Carrara marble. Each piece is laser-cut with a water jet machine and then finished and polished by hand. The Timeless Plastic Bracelet is a 3d printed bracelet with the outline of a watch. Characteristic of the designer and of his products are the transparent and powerful language of forms. These are only two examples of the amazing creations of our bracelets designers here, on CROWDYHOUSE.

Designer Spotlight: CAMILLE ROUSSEL – Unique bracelets designers

If we are talking about bracelets designers we have to give a special mention to the work of Camille Roussel. She is a french designer from Paris. She has a particular and interesting approach with the leather. Her jewelry are minimalist with geometric shapes, designed as a set of structures and composed of interchangeable and reversible parts. Discover the Eva Leather Bracelet. The combination between yellow, black and gold is perfect to stand out your look. Discover the numerous colours of the Juliette Leather Bracelet. Fall in love with the Mona Leather Bracelet and its combinations. All the jewellery are sent in a luxury packaging, stamped in gold with brand name Camille Roussel. Here, on CROWDYHOUSE, you have the possibility to discover the best bracelets designers and them amazing creations!

The best bracelets designers brands on CROWDYHOUSE

On CROWDYHOUSE the best bracelets designers share their amazing creations. NODO is a London brand with Italian roots. They create unique jewelry and accessories using different knots, knitting and crocheting techniques on recycled or natural materials. The Nodo The Bang Textile Bangle  is handmade with recycled thread, 98% cotton 2% elastane. Every Nodo is made using different knots, knitting and crocheting techniques. Phylicia gilijamse is a Dutch jewellery designer based in Copenhagen. Minimalism, simple geometric shapes and functional details are the essence of Phylicia Gilijamse’s jewellery. The One Pear Wood Double Bracelet and the One Walnut Double Bracelet consist of two bracelets fitting perfectly into each other to make one perfect circle. It also invites to be played with to make various other shapes.

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Bracelets Designers on CROWDYHOUSE