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Earrings are a basic and essential jewellery. And every woman has her own preference! Discover a wide selection of unique earrings on CROWDYHOUSE and find the ones you were looking for. Take a look at the collection of Iris van Hulst and her selection of 3d printed earrings. Inspired by nature, she loves organic and geometric shapes. Her Geometric Infinity Earrings and Hollow Leaf Earrings are printed in nylon. Nylon si a strong and flexible material, perfect for an unconventional touch. In the collection of ANGULAR you can find others kind of 3d printed earrings. Discover Monogold Blue Plastic Earrings 03, Hexa Golden Earrings and Washi White Origami Earrings. They are only some example of the creativity in the geometrical shapes of the designer.

Designer Spotlight: Ikonniko – Unique Earrings

Ikonniko is a spanish brand from Madrid. Blanca Fernández is the designer of this unique earrings. She brings together inspiration from architecture, design, photography, fashion and other creative disciplines. You call feel her inspiration through the simplicity to your style. This is a jewellery brand for those who value those things that simply last. Discover the Curve Silver Earrings and the Silver Square Earrings. You might also like the Cylindrical earrings or the Gold Plated Ecosilver of the Palo Earrings. Different kind of materials and shapes are combined to exprime the unique creativity of the designer. All the collection is designed and made by hand in the design studio in Madrid, certain pieces require specific fabrication techniques that are accomplished by local craftspeople.

The best unique earrings brands on CROWDYHOUSE

Looking for earrings for women? Lien Hereijgers is a belgium designer from Bruxelles. Her artistic and unique earrings carry the customer to a world of creativity, dreams and colors: the Silver Gold Plated Earrings 1, the  Silver Gold Plated Earrings 2 or the Vostok Composite Earring are only some examples of the colorful creativity of this artist. The essential and minimalist aesthetics of the Cobra Tail Earrings, of Evgenia Elkind, encloses the meaning of the beauty itself. B KREB jewelry is a Berlin based brand. “Elegant” and “minimal” are the two keywords of their creations. Discover the Plane Air Silver Earrings or the Cube Silver EarringsIf you are looking for something new, make sure to browse our entire collection of unique earrings. You will discover the best authentic and original earrings for woman.

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Unique Earrings on CROWDYHOUSE