Designer Modern stools on CROWDYHOUSE

When it comes to thinking out of the traditional norms our designers go above and beyond. Decorate and fill the empty spaces in your home or workspace with convenient and aesthetically pleasing modern stools for your guests. Evoke an atmosphere that suits your desires with the Stitched Stool by METROCUADRO design or the Livestock Stool collection by Tijn van Orsouw. Transnatural Art & Design Label offers a variety of breathtaking design concepts including the unique Well Proven Stool which incorporates waste shavings into its design by using bio-resin. Impress your guests with Witamina D Projekt’s durable ‘1/2’ Stool created using sustainable solid oak wood and powder-coated steel. No matter what you prefer, our seating options are endless here at CROWDYHOUSE.

Designer Spotlight: Visser & Meijwaard – Unique modern stools

VISSER & MEIJWAARD is a label by Steven Visser and Vera Meijwaard. The designer duo, who originate from Arnhem in The Netherlands, creates distinctive but minimalist stool which are inspired by versatile materials and clear shapes that constitute the essence. In their designs they are guided by recognizable details and the way in which the product is used. Inspired by the versatility of industrial PVC cloth VISSER & MEIJWAARD developed their collection ‘Truecolors’. Available to you is the Truecolors stool, Truecolors bar stool and Truecolors wooden bench. The result is beautiful and colorful stool that will vivify your bedroom, living room, kitchen or terrace! The colours available are red, yellow, blue, black and many more! Take a look at Visser & Meijwaars store for many more colorful designs!

The best modern stools brands on CROWDYHOUSE

On CROWDYHOUSE you have the possibility to discover our best modern stools. For example, VITAMINA D PROJEKT made stools made from wood and steel. These stools will ad a modern and Scandinavian touch to your home. Then, 123OK will offer you wooden stools available in a wide range of fabulous colors. Finally Estudio Baltico creates contemporary and original stools, perfect for a modern home. These are only some of our wide selection of design brands for modern stools! Discover the others on CROWDYHOUSE!

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Modern Stools on CROWDYHOUSE