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Here, CROWDYHOUSE offers an endless array of designer armchairs for your sitting needs. Relax with a book in the company of your pets with Formabilio’s Nestore, a multifunctional furniture piece which maximizes the home living concept. You can also snuggle up with a mug of coffee or tea in the CHAIR VOYAGE. Or wrap yourself in a cocoon of comfort after a hard day’s work with the 366 Easy Chair. The possibilities for customizing your personal space are endless. So whether you prefer a modern industrial recliner, or a simple yet versatile office chair, you can find it all here.

Designer Spotlight: Arend Groosman – Unique designer armchairs

Arend Groosman is a Dutch designer based in Den Haag. You will notice that all his products are aptly named  “24mm’. This is a reference to the  modular system designed by Arend Groosman that got its’ name from the measurements of the material from which the system is created: lengths of 24×24 millimetres. The armchairs are built using birchwood. And you can even buy a do it yourself kit where you build and paint the chair using the blocks!  Because building things is always fun! Check out his 24mm construction arm chair if you feel like a “do-it-yourself” weekend.  Arend’s also has the  24mm classic chair no1 that comes in a large variety of colours such as Lipstick Red, Emerlad Green and Aqua Blue. So have a look and discover more of Arend’s wonderful chairs!

The best designer armchair brands on CROWDYHOUSE

If you ever thought that cardboard could never be turned into a furniture item, then German designers Nordwerk recyclingDESIGN will definitely prove you wrong. The MC 205 Recycled Cardboard Armchair will definitely find a place in your living space. And above all will spark the curiosity of any visitor to your home! Another innovative brand is French designers Nova Obiecta. Their Elev(A) Acrylic Armchair combines translucent acrylic on stainless steel giving way to an optical illusion. This futuristic armchair will look great in any modern home. The possibilities are endless when the creativity of designers is met with innovation and forward thinking!

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