Designer footstools & poufs on CROWDYHOUSE

Here, on CROWDYHOUSE, you have the possibility to discover the best designer footstools & poufs! Rest your feet upon one of Jan & Jacob’s distinctive Unique Kilim Poufs, made using vintage kilim carpets from Morocco. Also, give your living area a full and complete feel with one of Italian label Formabilio’s many pouf and ottoman options. Finally, discover the colourful and modern KONTRAST Pouf collection by Danish brand Yndlingsting. It’s time to enrich your home and life with pieces of designer furniture. And, here at CROWDYHOUSE, we have the designer footstools & poufs you seek.

Designer Spotlight: Hawke & Thorn – Designer footstools & poufs

German designers Hawke & Thorne have a wide variety of designs that are inspired by industrial design. They utilise simple colors, and elegant designs. Their range of poufs are intricately hand woven and have a 100% cotton exterior. So the poufs will add an element of playfulness to your living spaces, perfect for relaxing and watching movies. Hawke and Thorne’s collection includes the Herman Woven pouf and also the Parker woven pouf. Their other collection, the 50/50 woven pouf has a thicker woven surface and is split by colour at the halfway point of the pouf. So, take a look and discover more of HAWKE and Thorn’s unique designs on CROWDYHOUSE. Visit their store!

The best designer footstools & poufs brands on CROWDYHOUSE

Zanocchi & Starke is an Italian brand, founded by two designers Andrea Zanocchi (Italy) and Carolina Starke (Brazil). The daily interaction between people and the product is the starting point of all their work. They don’t simply create objects to be used, but also able to let people happy having them around, like the Frida Stool. Then, WITAMINA D PROJEKT is a Polish brand and came up with the need to create durable, simple and beautiful things. Finally Njustudio is a german brand and their products meet the need for more than bare function. Discover the others designer footstools & poufs on CROWDYHOUSE.

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Designer footstools & poufs on CROWDYHOUSE