Modern outdoor furniture on CROWDYHOUSE

Here, on CROWDYHOUSE, you can discover the best modern outdoor furniture for your lovely garden. From designer birdhouses to wooden benches and flowerpots, these carefully handmade design pieces will enrich your home by breathing life into your garden. Warm your toes by an outdoor fire pit in the summer with Dutch designer Samosa’s Mikado Fire Bowl. Relax outdoors on a cozy set of cushions in the company of your flowers and plants with the Leaning Wooden Bench from Studio Izabela Boloz. Here at CROWDYHOUSE, you’ll even find skateboards made out of locally grown and fallen salvaged trees. Regardless of how you wish to style your garden, we have a wide variety of outdoor accessories.

Designer Spotlight : Weltevree – Unique modern outdoor furniture

Weltevree is an independent studio based in Arnhem, Netherlands. Weltevree contributes to a sustainable, social and inspiring environment by providing products that enrich your habitat. With their collection they aim a new idea of quality and luxury. Products that bring you closer to the basics, provide comfort and invite you to explore. Their collection varies from rocker chairs like the Beach Rocker to benches such as the Forestry Bench, including chairs like the Field Chair. For more informations about Weltevree products, have a look at their store on CROWDYHOUSE.

The best modern outdoor furniture brands on CROWDYHOUSE

A great outdoor setting is just as important as interior design. Here on CROWDYHOUSE you will find the the very best modern outdoor furniture made from independent designers from all over the world. We have local designers from the Netherlands such as HOUSE of Thol, or from France, like Lyon Beton who have an amazing array of concrete designs. From Germany, we have Design studio Niruk who have a wonderful wooden tree table. The diversity of our designers means that CROWDYHOUSE has a wide variety of modern outdoor furniture that can cater to people with all kinds of tastes. The beauty of this diversity is also that each outdoor product on CROWDYHOUSE has a unique inspiration behind it, as well as a different backstory, manufacturing material and method. The result is a stunning collection of outdoor furniture that will compliment any garden or terrace you decide to put it in.

Any Questions about Modern Outdoor Furniture? Contact Our Customer Service

If you have any questions about any of our modern outdoor furniture. You are welcome to call our customer service on +31 85 8888 220 which operates from 10:00 – 18:00. You can also review our FAQ’s or send us an email at Our customer service team will be happy to respond to any of your questions.

Modern Outdoor Furniture on CROWDYHOUSE