Designer Cupboards & Bookcases on CROWDYHOUSE

Designer cupboards & bookcases tend to be similar in design, but this is not the case at CROWDYHOUSE. Even if you’re looking for pantry, bathroom or kitchen cupboards, smart cabinets to go with your stylish home our designers have created great pieces of furniture for your house. Each cabinet differs from the previous one. The epitome of this concept is represented in the Martins Wood Tall Chest. By offering a mat white finish on the veneer oak wood drawers, designers DAM enables a multitude of options. This way designer cupboards can become more than storage space for your tableware. I can form a stylish addition to your interior design.

Designer Spotlight: Jaanus Orgusaar – Unique designer cupboards & bookcases

Designer Jaanus Orgusaar is an award-winning Estonian designer, who became known in the early ‘90 as a shoe and fashion designer. He turned to product design in 2008 founding his own studio Borealis in 2010 and now also practices as architect combining the two. His creations stand out of trends, they are autonomous and unquestionably original. His main feature is his three-dimensional thinking. His stock in trade is modelling 3D objects out of two-dimensional sheet materials. His mind travels on a trajectory following the path of bionic structures and patterns of universe. On CROWDYHOUSE you can find the Comb Wooden Bookshelf, a flat-pack product, easy to put together, yet attractive. It bulges from the wall like a sector of a sphere, creating a sci-fi effect in the room. Besides being an eye-catcher, it is also practical, without acute angles to bump into.

The best designer cupboards & bookcases brands on CROWDYHOUSE

From the humble town of Casarano in Italy, designers ART s.r.l., have created a unique cupboard that combines the sophistication of Italian design with rebellious street art. The result is a cupboard that goes against the norm and challenges. Originating from the Portugal, CROWDYHOUSE is home to the designer DAM. They have a wonderful collection of wooden furniture It include the Chicos wood chest which is a cupboard made from Oak wood and Ash wood. Inspired by the minimalist Scandinavian design is Dutch designer Sandra Nielen. She has an intricately made wooden bookshelf system that is assembled using a clever system of cables that will support the structure. So browse through and discover more designer cupboards here on CROWDYHOUSE!

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Designer Cupboards & Bookcases on CROWDYHOUSE