Handmade shelves on CROWDYHOUSE

Our designers incorporate ingenuity and versatility into their unique design handmade shelves. Take the simple Shell Shelves by METROCUADRO Design. They are light, soft design and was inspired by the shape of a seashell. Collect your favorite novels on Shiro Bookshelf and which blends simplicity, flexibility, and continuity to create a dynamic multi-purpose shelving system. You can also diversify your interior space with utilitarian artwork from labels such as Rebob. Their designers combine their backgrounds of visual artistry and mechanical engineering to create intriguing pieces such as the X-Ray Bookshelf. Thus, whether you prefer a geometric comb shelf, a wooden bookcase, or an innovative bookshelf bound with an elastic bandage, CROWDYHOUSE offers infinite design possibilities with wonderful handmade shelves!

Designer Spotlight: das kleine b – Unique handmade shelves

‘das keline b” is a German design brand based in Hamburg. Since 2010 they design and produce furniture and home objects, preferably made of wood. In 2014 the German Design Council honored them for the shelf b with the Interior Innovation Award. Floating books, that is what makes the shelf b so unique. It can be a hard cover, a paperback or even an art book – it seems that only the slender wooden frame is supporting the books hanging on the wall. Also the CD Shelf b-cd is made with the same concept. So, discover on CROWDYHOUSE the others amazing handmade shelves!

The best handmade shelves brands on CROWDYHOUSE

On CROWDYHOUSE you can discover our wide and amazing collection of handmade shelves. NEUVONFRISCH is a young company that designs, develops and sells sustainable, high quality furniture. They have combined their experience in designing, developing and selling furniture with their love of quality materials. Also, Holyscrap Handmade Furniture is a design brand based in Amsterdam. Combined with other stuff they collect, like baby dolls, parts of mannequins, TV antennas and old kitchen doors, they made a new, independent collection of furniture! OnCROWDYHOUSE they offer their one-offs and make some of their designs in series. So, discover also the others amazing handmade shelves on CROWDYHOUSE!

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Handmade shelves on CROWDYHOUSE