Unique Father’s Day Gifts on CROWDYHOUSE

Step inside and explore our range of products that are perfect for the best unique father’s day gifts. Buy your father a handmade denim bowtie made by Dutch designers Leonie & Lois. Does your dad enjoy fashionable jewellery? Then the Cube Silver Necklace by B KREB jewelry will make for a great gift. Want to help your dad relax after the long stressful hours at the office? Then take a look at Simon Key Bertman Textile Design & Art’s store. As they have a range of cosy cushions and textiles that will help your dad unwind after a long day. Whatever kind of personyour dad is, he will certainly appreciate the gift of unique and distinctive designs made by CROWDYHOUSE designers. So scroll down and find that perfect present for dad or grandpa.

Designer Spotlight : IODA – Unique father’s day gifts

There is no better unique father’s day gift for the men in you life than this range of hand knitted ties designed by Dutch designers IODA. These exquisite ties come in 2 variates, the De Groot and Huygens selection which are made out of polyester. The polyester material gives the tie a high quality feel and it looks really good! This eye catching accessory will certainly make a statement at any formal occasion or work meeting. All of IODA’s ties are intricately made using a variety of patterns on the surface that will make this tie easily stand out from any regular plain tie. Her Van Leeuwenhoek ties are made using 100% wool, an unconventional material when it comes to a formal accessory such as a tie. The Plain colours of dark grey and dark blue means that these ties combine well with any formal outfit. All of IODA’s ties are come with a removable pin. This gives the tie a unique story and identity behind it. Find what patterns suits your taste, explore more designs on IODA’s store here on CROWDYHOUSE.

The best and unique Father’s Day Gifts brands on CROWDYHOUSE

Who knew that wood could become such a unique and special father’s day gift? Here on CROWDYHOUSE we have a special range of wooden accessories that will make the perfect father’s day gifts. Looking for that extra bit of phone protection for your dad or husband? The look no further than Dutch designers TWO-O whom have a wonderful range of wooden iphone cases that are not only functional but look beautiful as well and will make perfect father’s day gifts! They are compatible with either iphone 5 or 6. The iphone cases come in a variety of wooden designs such as oak , mahogany and walnut. Their top designs include the Wooden Cover Zebrano, Walnut Wooden Cover and Sapeli Wooden Cover and for the iphone 5 we have the iPhone 5 Bamboo Cover. As we shift towards an age where credit cards, gym cards and gift cards are ubiquitous, it can become a hassle for men to arrange their personal cards. That’s why the Woody Cardholder by Arcnorm makes for the perfect gift. It is light, durable and handcrafted using the finest wooden materials available. Organizing personal cards will never be easier. There are many more wooden designs that will make perfect gifts for father’s day, discover more unique designs here on CROWDYHOUSE.

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Unique Father's Day Gifts on CROWDYHOUSE