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Moving homes can be quite an ordeal, however one big positive is that you can create an interior just the way you like it! Perhaps right now, a close friend or relative has just relocated and face the daunting task of decorating their new living space. A housewarming gift doesn’t always have to be a huge piece of furniture that will help with their home decor but it can also be a token of congratulations that they can place in their living spaces to remind them of the fantastic achievement of relocating. A housewarming gift largely depends on knowing the tastes of the homeowners. But we trust you know your friends and family better than us! On CROWDYHOUSE we have a wonderful range of clocks, lamps, prints and kitchen ware that will make for the perfect housewarming gifts.

Designer Spotlight : Hawke & Thorn – Unique housewarming gifts

German designers HAWKE & THORN have a wide variety home accessory designs. The simpleness of these accessories will make for the perfect housewarming gifts without breaking your budget! They utilise simple colours, and elegant designs. Hawke and Thorn have a range of comfortable POUFS that come in a variety of patterns and colours. Additionally Hawke and Throne have a set of vases named the PARKER VASES. These come in 2 variations, one with a simple sleek design while the other utilises geometric shapes to create a rigid, uneven surface. Their housewarming gifts extends to furniture with the Preston series. This includes the PRESTON COFFEE TABLE  and the PRESTON SIDE TABLE. These perfectly exemplify the essence of industrial design and will make for a unique housewarming gift that won’t steal too much attention away from the other furniture in the room. Hawke and Throne have a huge collection, so take your time and look at this wonderful collection of housewarming gifts.

The best and unique housewarming gifts on CROWDYHOUSE

It’s a special moment in someone’s life when they purchase their first home or move into a new place. Special moments deserve special gifts, and CROWDYHOUSE designers have employed their creativity and skill to deliver a fantastic selection of exclusive design accessories for the home. Surprise your friends and family with beautiful, one-of-a-kind art prints such as the unique graphic designs by German label KAMI. Your family and friends are sure to appreciate gifts such as the clever Sheepad Felt coasters by Polish design label WellDone or the intricate tea towel designs by Dutch designer Roos Soetekouw. Buy practical, useful, and inexpensive design products for the new home. From vases, laundry bags, decorations, and wallpaper, to hooks, kitchenware, and lampshades. The options here are plenty, so come inside and take a look at what design CROWDYHOUSE designers have crafted for all your gift giving needs.

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Housewarming gifts on CROWDYHOUSE