Valentine’s day handmade gift ON CROWDYHOUSE

If you’re hoping to stray from the typical flowers and perfume for Valentine’s Day but you don’t know where to start, we have got you covered. Here, on CROWDYHOUSE, we have some of the best ideas for a Valentine’s day handmade gift! Our designers thought to him and to her, for something to use in everyday life or for some special occasions. The Heart Coat Hanger is perfect to organize your wardrobe with… love! Thanks to the particular shape, It is not only very useful but are also the perfect Valentine’s day handmade gift! But if you can’t give up the flowers, you can consider to donate also one of the Miss Vases, a series of vases created by Atelier A that symbolize the unique and colorful aspects of women. Each vase is a creative journey towards a colorful little Miss, with interesting and sometimes unexpected results. Unlike commercially available vases, every Miss Vase is different and showcases the most beautiful side of diversity. Also the Drop Glass Vase is a special vase for your special Valentine’s day flowers. They born from the flexibility of the blown glass and the different colors and shapes give a special touch to the design. Get in the mood for love, here on CROWDYHOUSE, by checking out our collection of Valentine’s day handmade gift for the Valentine of your life.

Designer Spotlight: Fundamental Berlin – Unique Valentina’s day handmade gift

Fundamental Berlin is a german brand and a design and architectural studio. They make objects that return a child’s wonder to adult eyes. With geometrically inspired concepts and mathematical designs, they offer a subtle and rich world that quietly invites the daydreaming mind. Sometimes a photo can remember a special moment of your relationship.. A special frame is a nice gift to look back at that moment! The Durer Frame is a picture frame who creates a special filter on the photo: The contrasting reflection of the metal and the high gloss glass of Durer Frame gives the images behind real depth and magic, the perfect foil for a photo that is more cherished for it’s meaning than it is aesthetic appeal. Also the Circle Frame gives to the photo a special light: it focuses attention to the center of the field with a circular opening set in a rectangular field. Also the other creations of this brand can be an uncommon, unique and lovely gift for you sweet half, like the KLICK Candle Holder or the Kugel Candle Holder Ashtray SetThis original and creative brand brings mathematical magic into the everyday and fuses precision manufacturing with the charm of an interactive gesture. So, if you are looking for the best Valentine’s day handmade gift for your sweet half you have wide proposal of unique creations on CROWDYHOUSE.

The best Valentine’s day handmade gift brands on CROWDYHOUSE

Bored of chocolates and roses? Here on CROWDYHOUSE you can find the best ideas for the perfect Valentine’s day handmade gift! Ilias fragkakis is a Greek architect; his design represents a dynamic product for the dynamic person, totally made in Greece using traditional and modern processes. The Halves Steel Side Table is a red table that look like an half heart. The Porcelain Necklace M/S, features two handmade porcelain pendants, is a perfect Valentine’s day handmade gift. Studio Antal is an Amsterdam based design studio that makes hand crafted pure design. They use pure materials like concrete and unfinished metals. The designs are always plain and clever and all products are made with care and are of exceptional quality. The Hummingbird Necklace is a geometric stylish solution that suits every occasion. Ööloom is a estonian brand focused on the sleeping masks. They use the finest Estonian felt donated by Latvian sheeps and recreate some funny animal faces: unicorns, giraffes, cats, foxes or owls! Here, on CROWDYHOUSE, you can find the perfect Valentine’s day handmade gift for your sweet half.

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Valentine's Day Handmade Gift on CROWDYHOUSE