Unusual wedding gifts on CROWDYHOUSE

Sometimes find special and unusual wedding gifts can be difficult.. Indeed someone calls this moment the “wedding gift dilemma”! Do you give the couple a few dishes or a silver frame? And what if you want your present to feel a bit more personal? Here, on CROWDYHOUSE, we have a wide range of unusual wedding gifts. You can choose between some of the best pieces of furniture and accessories, our designers thought for every kind of necessity and for every kind of personality! An original idea can be the Miss Mixx Plywood Table Lamp and the Miss Mixx Floor Lamp, two wonderful lamps characterized by a clean and clear design, with no space for embellishment. If they are a books lovers you can take a look at the Book Shelf b. This bookshelf is simply incredible: the suspension behind the wood is simply vanishing behind the books, so it seems as if the books are simply “floating”. Another great example is the HOCKENHEIMER Magazine Storage Stool, a funny way to collect the hold magazines and newspapers and to… sit on! We are sure that the Unusual wedding gifts on CROWDYHOUSE will make you the favorite guest of every newlywed couple!

Designer Spotlight: STUDIO Isabel Quiroga – Unique and unusual wedding gifts

Whether the couple is moving into a new home together or they just want to upgrade the space they already share, gift them something for the house is a good idea. They will love you forever! Here on CROWDYHOUSE we have some of the best unusual wedding gifts for the perfect house! STUDIO Isabel Quiroga is a design studio based in Amsterdam. The designer balances authenticity with functionality in all of her designs. This shows in her designs of a coffee table that can be easily transformed into a painting on the wall or a space saving tray you can simply roll out when needed. She likes to translate my ideas and thoughts of everyday life into appliances, three dimensional pictures and multifunctional objects. The Back to Basic Lamp concrete white is a piece of a series of desk lamps, every lamp is a unique piece and can’t be reproduced. This design leads you to be organized. There are for example different notches to store your tablet, phone or cards. The magnet keeps the paperclips together. In another grooving you can store your pen and pencils. A piece of wood with rubber bands keeps your notes. The lampshade is movable to arrange the light the way you need it. The Urban Nomad Revisited – Prototype is the result of playing with the simplicity of material and function. On the desktop you find storage for your pen and pencils, for your mobile phone and a board where you can put on notes. Under the desktop you find electricity device to recharge your mobile phone and your laptop. On CROWDYHOUSE you have the possibility to find the best unusual wedding gifts!

The best unusual wedding gifts brands on CROWDYHOUSE

Want to buy a wedding gift that doesn’t scream “boring”? Here you can find unusual wedding gifts for the happy couple. BIGDESIGN is an Italian brand, his philosophy is very simple: less is more. The lines of the lamps are extremely simple, “clean” and minimalist. as a designer and producer, They try to change the point of view of an increasingly standardized society, trying to give a second life to objects created for other purposes. The Acqua Icosahedron Outline Lamp is a is a table or a pendant lamp. The iron rods welded together identify the shape of this regular polyhedron. EMKO is Lithuanian based design brand. EMKO believes in the importance of the design not only to represent beautiful things, but things with idea and story behind, serving well to the end-customers and meeting one’s needs. Design shall be not only nice to see but functional and problem solving. All our products shall pass these requirements which in the end can make a difference in its own way. The Step Up is a lovely way to store the shoes and have them always on sight is so obvious. Step up shall just be put against the wall and pursue its function. It does not need a lot of space and can be easy relocated adapting everyone’s needs. Ragaba is a design furniture brand from Poland. They collaborate with polish artists and designers to create eco-friendly products combining creativity, aesthetics and functionality. Ragaba offers a range of interior furniture which are minimalist and tasteful. The UFO coffee table MEDIUM is a is modern and functional table. It provides convenient space whenever you need to rest drinks, snacks, but also to keep small items out of sight- tissues, mobiles, magazines etc. These are only some examples of the creativity and fantasy of our designers. Finally it’s possible find the perfect wedding gift! Here, on CROWDYHOUSE, you can find the best unusual wedding gifts!

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Unusual Wedding Gifts on CROWDYHOUSE