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Show the men in your life just how much you appreciate them. And offer him a luxury men gifts from independent designers from around the world. CROWDYHOUSE designers have a passion for creative creation. They’ve dedicated all their efforts into bringing you fresh, exciting and affordable gifts. Every special man in your life will appreciate the exclusive design our designers have to offer. Add a touch of elegance to his wardrobe with handmade denim bowties by Dutch designers Leonie & Lois, or a wooden bowtie from TWO-O. Whatever kind of unique and special design gifts you wish to give, here you will find an abundance of exclusive options.

Designer Spotlight: TWO-O – Unique luxury men gifts

TWO-O is a independent design studio base in Amsterdam, Netherlands. According to them, real beauty does not come from artificiality. In the dynamical technological progression, TWO-O offers rest in wood. A dynamic material that is robust enough to protect and at the same time not loses her lively character and elegance. Their collection goes from watch such as the Prinsengracht Watch to cuff links like the Oak Wooden Cufflinks including even caps like the Stanley Cap. If you want more informations about their products, have a look at their store on CROWDYHOUSE!

The best luxury men gifts brands on CROWDYHOUSE

Jan Jacobs is a Belgium interior architect and furniture designer/maker. Passion for natural materials and simplicity is used to create inspiring objects. For example the High Quality Leather Mousepad is a great idea for a businessman who love design. The Grey Set is an original gift for a bike lover! Hawke & Thorn is a design brand who produce luxurious products made out of authentic materials like wood, cotton and soy. They mix creative design, quality materials and immaculate craftsmanship. This young German brand is a growing collection of affordable luxury products that are designed to make consumers fall in love with them. Have a look at the others amazing and luxury men gifts on CROWDYHOUSE!

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Luxury men gifts on CROWDYHOUSE