Bed Linen Designers on CROWDYHOUSE

Make your bedroom beautiful with our unique selection of bed linen. Sometimes to decorate and enrich your bedroom you just have change the design of your sheets. Colorful and luxury bed linen are waiting for you! On CROWDYHOUSE you can find the right combination for every personality and taste, we have the best bed linen designers! Their creations reflect their fantasy and love for design! Discover on CROWDYHOUSE our wide collection of bed linen designers products! You will loive them!

Designer Spotlight: HOP Design – Unique bed linen designers

HOP Design combines the strength of modern design together with precise workmanship. They focus on high quality, solid locally-oriented manufacturing and Polish design. They use noble natural materials. Each product is created to meet the high expectations customers for whom the most important features are the durability and comfort. Pure Cotton Bedding Set – Pure White is a 100% cotton sheets set with canvas threads. High quality and super minimalism are the keywords. Designers staked on minimalism and simple aesthetics, without unnecessary decoration, which led to the creation a new product line. They are characterized by simple form based on product functionality and muted colors: white and gray. As a result, products are timeless, not subject to seasonal trends and fit into any interior.

The best bed linen designers brands on CROWDYHOUSE

Transform your bedroom with the Crinkled Paper Print Bed Throw made by Suzanne Goodwin, she creates cool,colourful contemporay fabrics and products. VIVIDGREY combines sophisticated simplicity with the imagination of a child to develop pieces that will be loved by all generations. VIVIDGREY creates emotionally engaging pieces that bring magic into everyday life while balancing the intuitive and the refined. The collection is entirely manufactured by hand at the VIVIDGREY workshop in Vienna and all materials are certified organic or locally sourced. Each unique piece is made to last and intended to become a modern heirloom over time. Discover, on CROWDYHOUSE, the others unique bedroom design ideas!

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