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With our wide collection of bedroom accessories, you will be able to give the perfect touch at your bedroom! Discover the amazing collection of our alarm clocks, you will never be late! The ByShop section can propose you Standard 1/2 Steel Clock, a clock with an angle dial for the bed table and  made from folded steel and powder coated in a range of colors. Have a look also at the Secondary Half Wooden Clock, made from Douglas fir (natural finish) timber with a screen printed dial. Made by specialist makers in Tottenham, London with over 50 years experience. Also the Tube Clock is a great idea for your bedroom! This unique clock is made by Lente Label, a Dutch brand based in Veldhoven! Discover the others bedrooms design ideas on CROWDYHOUSE!

Designer Spotlight: Simon Key Bertman Textile Design & Art – Designer Bedroom Accessories

Simon Key Bertman Textile Design & Art is a Sweden brand. Discover, on CROWDYHOUSE, the Chess Handwoven Cotton Throw, a cool and smooth handwoven cotton throw that is known to “make itself at its best” no matter how you fold it. This throw is made of 100% handwoven cotton which benefits you because it is strong, tough and durable. For a perfect pairing, have a look of the Gradient & Squares Cushion Cover It has two different sides. On one side there are 4 colors combined in 13 ways mixed together forming a gradient over the cushion in an abstract form of 169 box-shapes. It is almost impossible to see these 169 boxes. On the other side, the same 4 colors are pure and mixed only when warp is meeting the weft. A total of 16 boxes is very clear and visible on this side.

The best designer bedroom accessories brands on CROWDYHOUSE

Discover, on CROWDYHOUSE, the amazing and wide selection of our bedrooms design ideas! Danai Gkoni_nolongeroutside is a design brand from Greece. Discover her amazing illustration, they are a unique idea to decor the walls of your bedroom! Suzanne Goodwin is a designer from Dublin, she creates cool,colourful contemporary fabrics and products. She has extensive experience of working within the luxury end of the fashion Industry in many cities through out the World including London, New York, Milan and Dublin. Since 2010 her distinctive digital prints and products have caught the interest of buyers and press from some of London’s most prestigious stores and UK publications. Discover, on CROWDYHOUSE, the others unique bedroom design ideas!

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