Designer candleholders on CROWDYHOUSE

In the bright world of candles and designer candleholders there is always a reason for lighting another one. Here at CROWDYHOUSE, we offer some of the most unique candleholder designs for your home. You just have to choose from our design range of tea light or wall candleholders, and scented or unscented candles, made from soy or paraffin. Look at the Long Legs Candle Holders for a funny but cute design, or at the Nordik Walnut Candle holders for something more simplistic, yet beautifully made. Candles and unique candleholders also make a great gift – they are small, useful, and make a great decoration for any part of someone’s home! Look at the Tube Rusted Metal Candle or the Etna Mini Candle Holder collection for gift inspirations.

Designer Spotlight: PUIK ARTDesigner Candleholders

Puik Art delivers innovative and original products made by talented Dutch Designers. Puik Art sells more than just candleholders, but they do have a special collection of unique candleholders. Their Silly Silicone Candleholder is a smart and playful candleholder. It can hold both candles and tea lights, and it is a perfect gift for a friend, or for your living room. The Clipper Candle Holders are also perfect for decoration. It looks funny and juvenile, and if you combine different colours and light the candles, you create an incredible atmosphere in your home! The Conic Candleholder makes the perfect accessory for your dinner table. It is simple, but original, and will definitely give your guests something to talk about.  

The best Designer Candleholder Brands on CROWDYHOUSE

Here in CROWDYHOUSE we have several designers that have made unique candleholders for our customers. Some of the most popular ones are the Tea Light Block Candleholder by Studio Thier&vanDaalen, the Sphere by Studio Pascal Smelik, and the Home Concrete Candle Stand by M Dex Design. If you are looking for a unique candleholder that can be attached to your wall, then the Elbow Copper Candleholder is the one you should pick. If you are looking for a multi-use candleholder, then the Candle and Platter Wood would be your number one choice. And if you are just looking for a nice scented candle to put in your night table, then definitely look at the Bourbon Vanilla Candle, or the Sweet Oak Candle by Hawke & Thorn for different smells. Regardless of your taste, you will surely find in CROWDYHOUSE something to enliven your unique candleholders collection.

Any Questions about Designer Candleholders? Contact Our Customer Service

If you have any questions about any of our unique candleholders, clocks or other decorations, you are welcome to call our customer service on +31 85 8888 220 which operates from 10:00 – 18:00. You can also review our FAQ’s or send us an email at Our customer service team will be happy to respond to any of your questions.

Designer Candleholders on CROWDYHOUSE