Designer clocks on CROWDYHOUSE

The clock remains an endless source of design inspiration. The designers on CROWDYHOUSE have created clocks from wood, textiles, glass, and metal. Designer clocks are one of the best decorations to have in your house. Why? Well, everyone wants to know the time at some point, and why not do it with style? Take a look at the New Time Wall Clock by Pressed Pet, or the Instrument Wooden Clock by ByShop for inspiration. And if you are looking for a housewarming gift, or just a general gift for a loved one, the designer clocks on CROWDYHOUSE are just what you need. No matter what type of designer clock you seek, here you will find a seemingly endless array of alternatives.

Designer Spotlight: BYSHOP Unique designer clocks

ByShop is a British brand known for its simple clocks & stationery. Aligning with fast-moving fashion and colour trends, they respond with seasonal collections that are distinctive, adaptable, and current. Some of their most popular designer clocks are the Steel Clock, and the Secondary Cog Wooden Clock. ByShop has a wide range of designer clocks to offer. If you are looking for wall clocks you can look at the Primary Half Wooden Clock or the Primary Wooden Wall Clock Segment. Discover their whole store on CROWDYHOUSE.

The best Designer Clock Brands on CROWDYHOUSE

What time is it? It’s time to shop for designer accessories! CROWDYHOUSE has some of the most original, unique designer clocks in the web, and they can be yours just with a click. If you are into mood clocks, then Paula Studio will definitely interest you. If you are on the other hand looking for minimalistic but stylish, black and white clocks, then you are going to love the clocks by Carmine Sessa. And if you are looking for unusual wall clocks, then the designs from Sabrina Fossi will catch your eye.

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Designer Clocks on CROWDYHOUSE