Designer wall hooks and hangers on CROWDYHOUSE

Hooks and hangers are a necessity in every home. They are good for storing clothes, or for taking your guests coats when receiving them in the entrance. However, they don’t need to be boring, they can be both useful and decorative for your home. Here on CROWDYHOUSE we offer a variety of designer wall hooks and hangers for your home. Versatile design materials like wood, concrete, solid beech, metal and ceramic empower our designers to create unique and functional wall hooks and hangers that will keep your wardrobe neatly displayed and tidy. Organize your coats on the industrial design Multifunctional Concrete Hanger with wooden hooks, or choose playful and charming shapes like buttons, sweets, matches and even cars of nails. CROWDYHOUSE has the most exclusive items for showing off your wardrobe – even if you are not wearing them.

Designer Spotlight: CALVILL – Unique designer wall hooks and hangers

Calvill is a German brand located in Hamburg and specializing in house made products. Their Copper Hanger comes in three different sizes, Small, perfect for the guest room, a Medium and a Large. The design has been featured in different magazines such as Elle Décor, and it is an elegant piece that will give a great touch to your home. The Copper Hanger is an elegant way to display your most beautiful clothes, it is easy to assemble, and is able of holding enough weight for all your clothes. It is made out of copper, a sustainable material that ages beautifully, getting some patina over time, and giving it a beautiful industrial touch. It’s a beautiful material that can be recycled 100% without any loss of quality. For more designer wall hooks and hangers, make sure to check out the entire collection on CROWDYHOUSE.

The best designer wall hooks and hangers brands on CROWDYHOUSE

Here on CROWDYHOUSE we have a wide variety of designer wall hooks & hangers for your home. STILST makes products for calm, pleasant interiors where you feel good. They offer products like the Handle Hooks Patina Set, made of reclaimed wooden handles and rods; traces of use and exposure to natural elements have given each piece of wood a unique surface. Valence is a wall system that aesthetically combines various functionalities. They are popular for the set of designer wall hooks such as the Mono Clock, the Penta Hook Mirror and Whiteboard, and the Penta Hook Mirror and Corck. They are the perfect definition of taste and utility, as they are both beautiful and useful for your home. Finally, Mooi Goed consists of minimalist design home-accessories made of black and white lacquered metal. The Coathangers and the Kitchen Hooks are very popular on CROWDYHOUSE.

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Designer wall hooks and hangers on CROWDYHOUSE