Designer magazine racks on CROWDYHOUSE

For all magazine collectors, CROWDYHOUSE has curated a selection of designer magazine racks just for you! There are different styles, for different areas in your home, and with different features. Display your magazines and turn them into decorative design pieces in your home. Our designers ensure that you have a nice and tidy collection of magazines in your home. Turn your collection of magazines into a stool with the HOCKENHEIMER MAGAZINE STORAGE STOOL and you will never have to worry about not having enough place to storage your collections or seat your guests. Adorn your house with the multipurpose TOL STEEL COFFEE TABLE, which is not only a coffee table, but also a magazine rack; perfect to catch up on your ready while enjoying your daily coffee. Whatever style you are looking for, make sure to browse through the entire CROWDYHOUSE collection of designer magazine racks.

Designer Spotlight: ÁLVARO DÍAZ HERNÁNDEZ – Unique designer magazine racks

Álvaro Díaz Hernández is an interior and furniture designer based in Madrid, Spain. He emphasizes on simplicity, functionality and attention to detail. The MINUS MAGAZINE STAND transmits the attention paid to details and duction created like a made to measure suite. The LINEA STORAGE SYSTEM is another designer magazine rack perfect for your home. It is both a magazine rack and a coffee table that imbues the strength or the line, based on simplicity of the resources used and the concept of space through structure and function. The LINEA MAGAZINE HOLDER is a minimalist designer magazine rack, also perfect to decorate your living room, while giving it the functionality it is made for: holding and organizing your collection of magazines. Make sure to browse through his entire collection of designer magazine racks for more designs.

The best designer magazine racks brands on CROWDYHOUSE

There are several brands that offer the best designer magazine racks. WILLAHOMECOLLECTION is an Italian brand focusing on distinctive curved features in their designs, achieved through their unique technology of bending the wood along the direction of the fibers. GAETANA MAGAZINE RACK is perfect for keeping magazines, books and newspapers in their place. It is both classic and stylish, influenced by modern design concepts and the simplicity of Nordic style. For all the risk-takers, innovative people out there, MARCO RIPA designed a beautiful designer magazine rack. The WHO’S NEXT MAGAZINE RACK is based on the overlapping of a cube and a parallelepiped. It is carefully designed and crafted to create a unique shap. If you want to see more, make sure to browse through the entire collection of designer magazine racks on CROWDYHOUSE.

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Designer Magazine Racks on CROWDYHOUSE