Designer plant pots on CROWDYHOUSE

Our designer plant pots are created to cheer up the atmosphere in your home or on your balcony. Made from natural materials, like clay and ceramics, in all kinds of shapes, sizes and designs. The designer plant pots are a must have accessory. They transform your garden into a charming place for enjoying a drink with friends and family, or just sitting back to relax. If you love flowers and plants and you also enjoy creative and distinctive gardening accessories, you are in the right place. Discover the designer plant pots CROWDYHOUSE has to offer in an endless array of colours and shapes.

Designer Spotlight: LYON BETON – Unique designer plant pots

Specialized in the design and manufacture of concrete furniture, Lyon Béton offers an alternative to all those who are looking for unusual objects. Combining creativity, aesthetics and practicality, their collections offer a discreet and strong presence. Lyon Beton’s plant pots are beyond original. The nuclear plant concrete pot is inspired by the cooling towers of the nuclear plants, the iconic figures of nuclear energy. It opts for an artistic misappropriation that shows clean values and puts the energy transition in the middle of our daily concerns. Its intentions are displayed with conviction but in a gentle way. The nuclear plant concrete are available in different sizes: SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE and EXTRA LARGE. At the same time, the GREEN HORIZONTAL STAND also serves for both a bench and a plant pot for your backyard.

The best designer plant pots brands on CROWDYHOUSE

LIVINGTHINGS is a publishing house devoted to people who are responsive to objects. It aspires to arouse emotions, to encourage and suggest, trigger sensations, elicit feelings, reflections and smiles. Their VOLTASOL ROLLING FLOWERPOT is especially designed to moe according to the trajectory of the sun in order to promote the movement of plants and help them grow better. LOVE, ANA is a small product design studio and store passionate about contributing to the local economy. The PAPERPOT FLOWERPOT SET is a very special flowerpot made of polyethylene fibers, material that is waterproof, it does not tear, and it definitely cannot break. Perfect for houses where there are children around! Make sure to check out the rest of the CROWDYHOUSE collection of designer plant pots for more inspiration.

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Designer Plant Pots on CROWDYHOUSE