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We had so many designer posters and prints that we had to create its own section. Here on CROWDYHOUSE, we make sure to find the best designers that can offer you the most creative posters and prints. Make sure your posters and prints are one-of-a-kind by browsing through our collection. Maybe one design inspired by ancient origami traditions and contemporary geometric art, such as the one from KAMI.DESIGN, or maybe you like something more like the posters from STUDIO LILESADI, which are a lot of black, white and minimalist – while at the same time soft and poetic. And those are not all; keep browsing our collections to find the perfect unique poster or print for your home.

Designer Spotlight: LYON BÉTON – Unique designer posters and prints

One of the most unique collections of posters and prints on CROWDYHOUSE is that one of the store Lyon Béton. Normally they specialize in the design and manufacture of concrete furniture, but they have decided to take it to the next level. Taking into consideration their aim to offer an alternative to all those who are looking for unusual objects, they have created concrete frames! How? They have different artists who either paint directly in the concrete (like street art), or others that print illustrations on the concrete. They are new in our collection, and they are awesome! Take a look at CONCRETE PRINT SOUFFLE for comic-like designs, or CONCRETE PRINT CROIX ROUSSE for something more realistic. Finally, they also have the pop-art-like prints such as the CONCRETE PRINT CYBORG, as well as the CONCRETE PRINT STORE, which looks like video game characters. We are certain these concrete frames will look amazing in your home!

The best designer posters and prints brands on CROWDYHOUSE

Here at CROWDYHOUSE you can find some of the most creative posters and prints. They are all different, aiming to suit all styles and tastes. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, we recommend you to look into FUNDAMENTAL BERLIN’s store, as they have some very interesting designs. If your are leaning more towards black and white prints, but with a unique twist that will make you smile, then ONE MUST DASH offers some prints that will certainly catch your eye. For something more artistic that will probably make your mind wonder take a look at DANAI GKONI’s store. And if you are looking for something more simple, but still cute, the prints by ALL THE FRUITS will definitely be a good choice.

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If you have any questions about any of our designer posters and prints, you are welcome to call our customer service on +31 85 8888 220 which operates from 10:00 – 18:00. You can also review our FAQ’s or send us an email at Our customer service team will be happy to respond to any of your questions.

Designer Posters & Prints on CROWDYHOUSE