Designer wallpaper on CROWDYHOUSE

With the different patterns, colours and shapes, the designer wallpapers on CROWDYHOUSE will allow you to instantly upgrade your old walls. Choose the IN THE GARDEN designer wall paper for the kids’ room or hide away in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with the COPACABANA GREEN designer wallpaper. And for your benefit, the designer wallpapers sold on CROWDYHOUSE are digitally printed, high quality, non-woven wallpapers that do not give you the headache of edge matching or fuss. They are even fire-resistant! So there is no way you will lose your awesome new designer wallpaper. Make sure to browse the entire collection of designer wallpaper to find the design you are looking for.

Designer Spotlight: ALL THE FRUITS – Unique designer wallpapers

All The Fruits is a multi-disciplinary creative studio formed in London and now based in Bologna, Italy. It focuses on graphics applied to interiors, architecture, furniture, surfaces and fashion, just like their designer wallpapers. They have designed multiple patterns and visuals for any taste. If you are traditional, but like to give some live to your walls, then the BLACK AND WHITE WOOD WALLPAPER will be a good match. However, if you are more into shapes and figures, then take a look at the OPTICAL PATTERN WALLPAPER, or the POP GEOMETRIC WALLPAPER. And if you are looking for colorful, original and edgy designs, the MIAMI WALLPAPER will be a great addition to your walls, as well as the CUT AND PASTE PINK WALLPAPER, or the CUT AND PASTE BLUE WALLPAPER.

The best designer wallpaper brands on CROWDYHOUSE

The LITTLE OWL DESIGN developed a collection of designer wallpapers, inspired by nature, from the skies of Holland combined with 18th C. etchings, to 19th C. Dutch herbaria, and a 19th C. Dutch star chart of the Southern Hemisphere. On the other side, DEAR HUMAN designs wallpapering paper tiles that are all made from recycled paper. The idea came out of witnessing the amount of paper waste from local industries, and the drive to reuse the material in the hopes of being more sustainable. It has a great story, and a great look for any home. BORA, another great brand for designer wallpapers, has a different approach. They love to design for children and the young at heart! Colourful, sweet, funny, happy and whimsical characters represent their wallpapers. Inspired by fairytales, nature’s gifts, furry animals, and lovely colours.

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Designer Wallpaper on CROWDYHOUSE