Unique kitchen items for your home

Our unique kitchen items have a certain appeal to transform the kitchen into the most desirable place at home. Enliven your cooking experience with utilitarian artwork such as the distinctive handcrafted kitchen items by Swedish designer CAMILLA ENGDAHL. Personalize your spice rack with extraordinary STAND-UP HERB FLASKS by German designer URBANATURE. Impress your guests with a sophisticated PETIT IRON CAKE STAND or serving tray from Italian designer Mr. Less and Mrs. More. Customize your cup and mug collection with sustainable CUT BOTTLE GLASS cups designed by VANTOT. Discover the endless possibilities of unique kitchen items at CROWDYHOUSE: Baking & Cooking, Tableware, Tablecloths & Tea Towels, Storage Pots, Wine Accessories.

Spotlight: PUIK ART – Unique kitchen items

Puik Art’s collection on CROWDYHOUSE offers a wide variety of products for your home. Indeed, the have some unique kitchen items that might be just what you are looking for. Puik Art helps talented young product designers to market their creations. They want to make design accessible to the general public by providing clever and innovative products while selling it at the right price. For unique kitchen items, Puik Art is perfect if you are looking to give your kitchen and dining areas a small change. Buy this SALT AND PEPPER SET for you or as a gift, and add some uniqueness to your meals. Sip your drink from these DIAMOND SHAPED GLASSES and never spill it! Or celebrate at home with this unique WINE COOLER and have your friends ask you where you got all your cool unique kitchen items.

Best unique kitchen items brands on CROWDYHOUSE 

At CROWDYHOUSE we have a stunning collection of unique kitchen items that are directly made from designers all around the world. For cute tableware, make sure to check out CAMILLA ENGDAHL’s store, which is full of plates and vases perfect to brighten your kitchen. Also, make sure to check out INCIPIT LAB’s collection on bowls and vases, as they are very famous on CROWDYHOUSE. And if you are looking for more textiles, take a look at STUDIO LILESADI, as they have some of the cutest designs available. We hope you can find what you are looking for here on CROWDYHOUSE!

Any questions? Contact our customer service for unique kitchen items

If you have any questions about any of our unique kitchen items, you are welcome to contact our customer service 085 888 8220, which operates weekdays from 10:00-18:00. You can also send us an email at or check our FAQ’s page. Our customer service team will be happy to handle all of your queries. 

Unique kitchen items on CROWDYHOUSE