Best cooking tools on CROWDYHOUSE

Ready to discover our wide selection of  the best cooking tools on CROWDYHOUSE? Have a look of Rocket Metal Eggcup Set of Two, probably the most elegant way to enjoy your breakfast egg: the language of its form and the design are as logic and complete as an egg itself. The Kitchen Utensil Collection is a collection of useful tools: you can therefore, put your dippers while you are cooking, having a tidy and clean kitchen. The shape of this collection is contemporary and innovative. The material used, terracotta (clay) is crafted following traditional Italian techniques. Discover our wide collection of best cooking tools on CROWDYHOUSE!

Designer spotlight: Amor de Madre – Unique and best cooking tools

Amor de Madre is a Barcelona design hub, specializing in items for the home. They offer contemporary solutions to lifelong domestic quandaries, working with noble materials and taking care about the environment. They devise and design each piece by following an original creative process, supported by four basic pillars: freedom, coherence, simplicity and usability. The ENCANAL Carving Board is a chopping board, designed to make more comfortable your cooking time. The PRESS IT Wooden Sandwich Press is definitely for making a gourmet sandwich and for pressing and cutting sandwiches in the pan. Quick and simple. Food ain’t for playing with! Discover the COMEBAGAGAIN Shopping Bag Rail! Because a supermarket carrier bag is also worth reusing with pride. Selected as an eco-product by the Department for the Environment, Generalitat of Catalonia. Have a look of our selection of best cooking tools on CROWDYHOUSE!

Best cooking tools brands on CROWDYHOUSE

At CROWDYHOUSE we have the best cooking tools selection! Urbanature is a German brand, based in Lützen. They stand for products that make everyday life as green as possible, bringing a piece of nature in our urban life. Konstantin Slawinski is another German brand, In the last 10 years they developed a range of products from different angles of life. They like to work with young designers who are able to think “out of the box“ and unconventional and who understand our need for beautiful and useful objects and develop them accordingly. Ubikubi is a Romanian brand, their aim is to create accessible, simple and sustainable products, respecting the natural expression of the materials. Discover the amazing creations of this and another designer on CROWDYHOUSE!

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Best cooking tools on CROWDYHOUSE