Unique serving trays on CROWDYHOUSE

Serve your favourite meals on the wide range of unique serving trays offered on CROWDYHOUSE. Whether you are in the mood for breakfast in bed or just a coffee in the afternoon with your friends, we have a great variety of unique serving trays, plates, dishes, coffee and dinner trays that you can choose from. This kitchen design accessory can also be use as a decorative design piece, for your candles or flower vases. Give an elegant design touch to your serving style and showcase your cooking skills with our many different kind of plates and coasters. Whether the unique serving tray is made of recycled marble or wood with a smooth finish, your food will always look nice and mouthwatering on our exquisite unique serving trays.

Designer Spotlight: ATIPICO – Unique serving trays

Atipico is a project that breaks the mould of design and makes it part of the everyday life. They have a wide range of unique serving trays for your home. If you are looking for something classy, perfect for the everyday use, then the ARIGATOE WOODEN TRAY is your best pick. You can also try the ARIGATOE WOODEN TRAY LACQUERED for a more luxurious style of tray. The CRUDO BLACK CLAY TRAY is part of a collection that explores the combinations of raw materials and their workmanship, precisely like a recipe reworks the ingredients into a dish. On the other hand we have the SLITTA CENTERPIECE and the LEGGERISSIMI CENTERPIECE that are pieces definitely worth looking at.

The best unique serving tray brands on CROWDYHOUSE

Here at CROWDYHOUSE we have a wide range of brands that offer unique serving trays. French designer Nicolas Corre produces trays that are inspired by exotic cities. Have a piece of the beautiful spanish city with the BARCELONA CENTERPIECE TRAY, or travel to the other side of the world without leaving your home with the SHANGHAI SERVING TRAY. Inspired by Charlie Chaplin movie, the 2D ENGRAVED SERVING TRAY is an MDF serving tray with engraved sketches, painted with matte black or white colour. Finally, GUM DESIGN has also unique serving trays to offer. The NOTTE TRAY collection is made by three trays which interpret the sky at night: stars and twilight. It will also make a beautiful addition to your home. Make sure to look at the entire CROWDYHOUSE collection of unique serving trays for more inspiration.

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Unique serving trays on CROWDYHOUSE