Unique tablecloths and tea towels on CROWDYHOUSE

Every kitchen needs towels, tablecloths, table runners and, sometimes, even oilcloths. It is not only the fabric that matters, but also the design, the patterns and the prints. They are all designed to give your kitchen the style that matches your personality. Here on CROWDYHOUSE we have a wide selection of unique tablecloths and tea towels to give your kitchen the perfect touch. Make sure to check our collection of unique tablecloths and tea towels for more designs!

Designer Spotlight: STUDIO LILESADI – Unique tablecloths and tea towels

Studio LileSADi was established in 2012 by German textile designer Dinah and her sister Sarah Smutny. Located in Rotterdam, they aim to create abstract, graphic forms with a playful twist. They love to create products that people can relate to, as well as using patterns and materials. Some of their unique tablecloths include their RAINY DAYS TABLECLOTH, a subtle, black and white cloth, perfect for giving style to your living room. Apart from the unique tablecloth, Studio LileSADi also offers a variety of tea towels. The DOTS HAND PRINTED TEA TOWEL is a minimalistic and elegant eye-catcher for your kitchen. It is inspired by the Memphis Milano style. There are also smaller, cuter SET OF 2 TEA TOWELS. “Rainy Days” and “Soft Triangles” will give your kitchen a great touch.

The best unique tablecloth and tea towel brands on CROWDYHOUSE

Apart from Studio LileSADi, CROWDYHOUSE has other brands of unique tablecloths and tea towels that might fit your style. Take a look at Puik Art’s T-DOEK MODERN TEA TOWEL, a modern towel inspired by the classic tea towel pattern. The FAY TEA TOWEL N1 is inspired by the underwater world forming an imaginative powerful design with organic structures. For unique tablecloths, check the HATCH GRAVEL TABLECLOTH from All Things in Between, which will make a perfect decoration for your table. Take a look at all the curated collection from CROWDYHOUSE and make your dinners so much more interesting with unique tablecloths for decoration.

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Unique tablecloths and tea towels on CROWDYHOUSE